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This Time Next Year 

By: Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman 

"This Time Next Year is a documentary that explores the long term recovery and resiliency of one town in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It highlights what it not only stories of painful loss and astounding recovery, but the everyday rhythms of a tight knit middle class community relying on one another to come back from an unprecedented disaster. 

The film’s campaign will inspire communities around the world to be resilient, like the shore town of Long Beach Island, NJ.” -youtube

  • How does the film do more then just make viewers aware of problems that we already know exist?

The directors were able to make this very personable. They were able to get the audience engaged and involved with the characters. The directors were able to make us feel the same emotions that the characters in the film were filming.

  • How does the film use any specialized stylistic techniques to convey its message

The director uses a series of specialized stylistic techniques to convey their message. They used a series of footage that were taken by the locals, which was really cook because you got to see the perspective of others just not the directors. They also did an amazing job at picking their main characters, all of them were so different but yet were all alike because of Hurricane Sandy. All the stories were so different and they did an excellent job at showing how strong each person is.

  • If you were the director, would you have made any different stylistic, aesthetic or editorial choices?

If I was the director, I wouldn’t make any significant changes the film. I just thought that the surfer had such an insignificant part in the film and that I would either cut the surfer entirely out or I would add in more clips or interview of the surfer. I just didn’t feel a connection to the surfer compared to the others. 

  • What is the films “call to action?”

I think that the “call to action” of this film was to show everyone that the people who live in New Jersey are survivors not victims. This was a very inspiring movie, how something so devastating ended up bringing people who would have never met together as community and was able to people become leaders and heroes to their home town. This film showed the love that everyone has for their home and how comforting and meaningful it is to everyone in their own ways. Also this film, is excellent because it will bring attention to Long Beach Island and bring in more revenue from tourists who want to visit the area just because they saw this film. 

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