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[ 120403 ] Jeremy Lin's Facebook Q&A

I literally scanned through thousands (and I really mean thousands!) of comments on his FB page just to get those answers. LOL But yeah, here it is for those people who missed Jeremy’s awesome Q&A! :) xxx


                    Jeremy Lin’s Facebook Q&A - April 02 - 03 2012 


Q: “What’s your biggest pet peeve? (:”

A: “My biggest pet peeve is ordering fast food and not being able to eat it until I get home lol. Esp when it smells so good and is just sitting there in the passenger seat”

Q: “What are you gonna play!”

A: “I’m gonna play dota2 with my bros. Just got it installed the other day!”

Q: “You gonna be back for the playoffs?”

A: “I hope I’ll be back for the playoffs! It’s killin me to watch the team without being able to play but I need to make sure my knee is 100% before I get back on the court so we will wait and see”

Q: “Did you know my bf loves you more than he loves me? LOL :p”

A: “That’s not true! But please tell him thanks for the support. If he supports me hardcore, you know he’s a keeper LOL jk”

Q: “How do you stay so humble?”

A: “I struggle with pride everyday, but the one thing that I try to remind myself everyday is that I’m still a sinner no matter how many points/assists/win I get on the court. God’s grace and the death/resurrection of his son Jesus Christ has given me salvation even though I’m not worthy of it”

Q: “What is your favorite book of the Bible? and verse?”

A: “I love Romans. Especially Romans 5:3-5 or all Romans 8”

Q: “Favorite pokemon? :D”

A: “My favorite pokemon growing up was blastoise lol. He’s a beast”

Q: “Did you afraid of surgery just like the injection?”

A: “Yes I’m deathly afraid of needles. Getting the IV in me earlier today was hard work for all the nurses hahah”

Q: “Can you come to Korea to chill?”

A: “I’m hoping to make it to Korea and Japan this summer for the first time ever. My best friends Korean and his mom makes the most unbelievable Korean bbq ever”

Q: “Favorite part of NYC”

A: “My favorite part of NYC is the fans and playing at MSG. The energy that the fans give us is unreal and unlike any other arena”

Q: “How many times did Landry win you on the monopoly?”

A: “He beat me quite a few teams…He always seems to get boardwalk/park place. I think the game cheats”

Q: “Do you have ill feeling to those who pull you down? What would you want to tell them?”

A: “Nope. Everyone gets their own opinion and I respect that. I just want God to be happy with my effort and my heart everytime I step on the court!”

Q: “What was your dream when you were a kid? :)”

A: “Playing in the NBA which is what I’m doing right now. Such a blessing and a dream come true.”

Q: “Can I dunk on you?”

A: “I don’t plan on letting that happen but if you wanna be a good sport like Kevjumba, I’d love to dunk on you lol”

Q: “Should I give up??? 0.0”

A: “Now you can because I answered your question!”

Q: “Biggest fear in life?”

A: “Looking back and feeling like I wasted my life living for the wrong reasons. And also needles”

Q: “Ice cream or cake? :D”

A: “Ice cream. But my actual favorite is smoothies. I LOVE fruit smoothies with mango, pineapple or passion fruit”

Q: “Do you have a favorite animal?”

A: “Dolphins and penguins. They are just awesome.”

Q: “Sushi or steak?”

A: “That’s a tough question. Depends on the day but my three favorite foods are sushi, steak and seafood”

Q: “Do you like animals? Dogs OR cats ?”

A: “Dogs all the way. When I was young, I saw a cat run into my backyard and rip my favorite nerf ball in half but I was too young/scared to chase the cat away”

Q: “How long do you need to stay in the hospital?”

A: “I’m already back home!”

Q: “Orange juice or apple juice?”

A: “Apple juice but my ultimate favorite is pineapple juice”

Q: “Gummy worms or sour patch kids?”

A: “Sour patch kids. But my favorite candy of all time is refrigerated fruit snacks or haribo coca cola gummies”

Q: “Are you related to Ryan Higa? If so, are you guys close?”

A: “Not related to him but he’s a good friend. Everytime he texts me before a game, we win hahah”

Q: “Do you like to fart continuously ?”

A: “No but some of my teammates do. Not gonna say who though…sorry lol”

Q: “Who is updating your weibo?”

A: “Me but I need help translating some of the updates into Chinese”

Q: “How/when are you going to start rehabbing?”

A: “Rehab starts tomorrow. Lots of ice, stretching, muscle activation. Then eventually biking, swimming, running. Then finally shooting, cutting and jumping”

Jeremy Lin: “To all the gf questions, no, I don’t have a gf right now. To all the prom questions, I’m sorry I can’t go to any proms, I will still be rehabbing, practicing and at Knicks games lol”

Q: “Would you fight a tiger for an NBA championship?”

A: “No, because the tiger would kill me and I’d never get to the part about the NBA championship. I would fight a snail though.”

Q: “Are you gonna shoot a video during you are recovering?”

A: “Yes, there will be youtube videos coming out while I’m injured. Lemme know if you guys have any ideas!”

Q: “What car do you have?”

A: “Volvo s80. I’m part of the Volvo family now!”

Q: “Have you ever had any pets? Gold fish, turtles, dogs, frogs etc?”

A: “I had a lot of fish growing up but I tend to feed them too much because i naturally eat a lot and want to make sure my fish were well fed”

Q: “What instrument would you play if you could choose?”

A: “Drums. I played drums for my youth group in high school but I sucked a lot so I had to use the same beat every song hahaha”

Q: “What’s your favorite Lecrae song?”

A: “Praying for you. The music video is unreal”

Q: “Do you have a favorite fiction book?”

A: “I read the first four Harry Potter books. Then they kept getting longer and longer so I couldn’t do it anymore. lol

Q: “Do you cook?? What’s your best dish??”

A: “Steak and eggs. Garlic salt for the steak. Sriracha sauce for the eggs”

Q: “Anything you want us to pray for you most?”

A: “A healthy/speedy recovery, wisdom on how to make the biggest impact with the Jeremy Lin Foundation and a better understanding of the Jesus’ death/resurrection on the cross”

Q: “Did you play a musical instrument while growing up?”

A: “Piano. But I wish I played the triangle haha”

Q: “Jeremy, for me, it’s ‘Q & no A’, T.T”

A: “There was no Q in your statement, but here is an A lol”

Q: “Chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies? ;)”

A: “Chocolate chip cookies that are straight out of the oven with vanilla ice cream on top!”

Q: “What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but have never gotten the chance?”

A: “Water ski or jet ski”

Q: “You turn it over too much. How you gonna fix that?”

A: “Well I can tell you I will definitely have 0 turnovers for the next 6 weeks. So I guess that’s an improvement right?”

Q: “Are you afraid of cockroaches?”

A: “YES. Cockroaches, bees, all insects. I can deal with ants though haha”

Q: “Super smash bros brawl??? ^_~”

A: “I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing super smash on Nintendo 64 but never really played much brawl”

Q: “Are you a good singer? :)”

A: “I think I am but none of my friends do. But I think they’re wrong lol”

Q: “Do you think your fans are insane?”

A: “Nope. You guys are the best. That’s why I’m doin the q&a!”

Q: “Shoes or watch????”

A: “I loveeee shoes”

Q: “When will this Q&A section end lol”

A: “Now unfortunately lol. Getting tired”




but all trash jokes aside, Tsukiyama is annoyingly awesomeeeeee
his Kagune was the easiest to shade out of all of them since its like an icecream cone.

an evil satanic ice cream cone to be specific.


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