These are some quick 1-2 hour sketches I worked up for belwatson

These are scenes from her book Unseen. It’s a wonderful story that you should definitely check out if you have time. 

I used illustrator 16 colour image trace to create the bench and the laptop. everything else I created using pictures of the authors intended actors, Ashley Cummings as Paige and Samuel Larsen as James. 

I traced the main images and used a technique similar to what illustrator does with the 16 colour image trace. It’s like using block colour to create tone, shade and shape. it’s a technique I enjoy and find particularly easy to do. 

To create Paige’s skirt, I took a sample of pattern and used the clone stamp to replicate the texture across the skirt. 

The images were re-sized and cropped to the desired ratios. 

This was great fun to do and i’ll probably make more as the book continues. 

Seriously, if you didn’t watch Modestep‘s Machine video what are you doing with your life