the kingdom was shaking. the wind was rising. her mother was hissing threats and exhortations beside the thornbushes—

when rapunzel and her prince ran, they vanished.

they sold his fine horse on the far side of the wood. her tears had healed his sight, but not enough, so he talked her through checking the coins for forgeries. the merchant told his wife about them, later, the blind warrior and the little maiden with her sharp eyes and clever fingers.

they sold her wedding ring on the slopes of the biggest mountain she had ever seen. they sold his before that mountain had faded from the horizon. they kept tarnished coins hidden here and there on their persons. her hair grew out, unnaturally fast, some last gift of her mother’s, and she chopped it off and sold the long golden plaits at the towns they passed. she liked it best to curl around her ears, fluffy and light as corn silk. she was tired of that weight hanging from her.

wishes are children. so was she.

rapunzel would flinch at crowds for the rest of her life. it took them years to find a place that was theirs, with doors that locked and walls that blocked out the noise of the world. she found that when things got too loud the closest thing to safe strong walls was to curl up in her prince’s lap, her forehead pressed against his collarbone, his arms warm and close around her. she counted his heartbeat and tapped her fingers out against the rise and fall of his chest.

she ran away once, left her prince sleeping in a hollow with a note tucked into his loose fist. it terrified her, the idea that she was building her world and safety into the flesh and bone of this man, the way her mother had tried to build things in her. so she took half their coins and ran. rapunzel walked through cold copses of trees and over dry creek beds, asking herself questions like she was stuck, tar on the soles of her slippers.

somewhere a baker and a princess were telling children that no one was alone. red slept by the coals of the hearth fire, so when she shook herself awake she would see the red-lit beams of the bakery and not the inside of a beast. in jack’s worst nights the thuds of his heart were the footfalls of a giant that was coming to get him. in his dreams, he always survived. in the worst ones, no one else did.

rapunzel was cold and hungry. she would never live within sturdy stone walls again, just wood and straw and mud. she didn’t know what she wished for, but she did know what she wanted. maybe that was alright. maybe she would make it alright.

when she came back to the hollow where she’d left him, her prince was still there, snoring, and she laughed aloud until he stirred and blinked up at her. he never could get up before noon without her help.

she reached down and pulled him to his feet with muscles that were learning that the world was so much bigger than pacing the round stone floor of her tower room and hauling witches up by her braid. she didn’t stop laughing. when he kissed her, in that cold copse, she was carrying no weight but her own choices.

child, your hair is not a ladder. it never should have been. 

your voice belongs to a girl and not a songbird. your home does not live in your mother’s ribcage no matter what she says. you are home— your feet on the ground, your hair like a bird’s nest. you can pick it up and take it with you when you go.

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madkingofminecraft asked:

What do you think of a team building exercise four horseman!AU??

Biggest bunch of horseman nerds ever lemme tell you. 

Matt would maybe be famine, Jeremy as pestilence, Kdin as death and Lindsay as War. 

If they were an immortal bunch, they probably would of been really formidable and terrifying beings forever ago. And as the years went on, and times changed, they sort of began to modernize themselves with it, and as a result their abilities kinda become modernized as well.

Matt of course as Famine would have his dry humor. I can see him being able to just kinda take a sort of life force away from organic objects near him as well. The ground would dry up and plants would dehydrate. Somehow there’d never be enough equipment or supplies or anything when he’s around and he just kinda shrugs like ‘what do you expect?? I am the harbinger of scarcity!’

For Jeremy I can just see him being Pestilence mainly as a hint to him being a zombie in minecraft and the potions guy. Plus he’d have that sort of coy pestilent behaviour, where he’ll push buttons (like killing matt’s wolves). He’d be more dangerous with his power though, being able to basically poison and infect things. And that could either be very literal or more in the figurative sense of having a contagious attitude or habit. Pranking people into eating suddenly old food could be a common thing too

Kdin as Death pretty much explains itself. He’d have the power to kill things essentially. But to counter that he has his very lively, energetic personality. So most of the time people probably assume Matt is Death. In a modern setting though I can kind of see there being a bit of loophole in his power where he would be able to kill characters in video games too at will. So to mess with people he could just ‘mysteriously’ kill their character. And irl, it’d be very useful for pest control! 

Lindsay would also kind of have that contrast, of being War but also having a fun loving and generally happy personality. Not to be taken lightly though cuz she’s really a badass bringer of War. She’d thrive in conflict and just all around enjoy any kind of combat, rough housing or argument for the sake of it.

All four together would wreak so much havoc, but also most of the time they’d be too busy messing with each other to wreak any real sort of real chaos onto the world. lol. Aka they could be really dangerous if they all weren’t big ‘ol nerds to the extreme.

@my sunny fan followers: if you’re triggered or uncomfortable about content related to institutionalization, mental illness, ableist language, or body horror (cricket’s face, fyi) this episode might be one to watch only when you’re in a good place, if you decide to watch it at all. enjoy ur trash comedy but please stay safe !


Don’t do a job that you don’t love if you can possibly help it. If you put your passion and your joy into it, if keeping it going isn’t something you have to make yourself do, and it’s not something that you have to do, It becomes impossible for you not to. It’s just a part of who you are. It’s a part that brings you joy. It doesn’t matter what people say. It doesn’t matter where you  are. As long as you keep your integrity and your joy, you’re golden. (based on)