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arya x gendry au

arya leads the away team down to harrenhal.  she doesn’t like it.  not the leading bit.  she likes that.  or even the away team bit.  she doesn’t mind being off the ship for a little while.  she minds the sunshine.  

it’s strange how quickly you get used to artificial light and nothing but stars and planets as far as the eye can see, the blackness of space, the velvety blue just on the other side of the reinforced glass.  arya likes the stars.  she always has.  ever since her navigation classes at the academy when she got top marks, every time, because navigating by stars is more than just navigating by north and south.  it’s all sorts of complicated vectors and arya always did love calculating.

she likes the solid ground beneath her feet, she supposes.  you get used to a rumble under your feet–so used to it that you hardly notice it anymore.  but it becomes obvious when there’s rock and mud and water and solid planet for miles and miles underneath you.

she’s only taken two redshirts with her.  gendry and hot pie.  hot pie’s a bit jumpy.  he’s newly graduated and the enterprise is his first assignment.  gendry’s steady, though gruff.  arya’s been on an away team with gendry before.  he’s the sort of red shirt that jokes about being a red shirt, that knows that being a red shirt means he’ll die before blue or yellow.  he pretends not to begrudge arya her yellow uniform, and arya pretends not to hear his comments about how all redshirts are doomed.

she doesn’t like thinking about gendry dying.  she doesn’t like thinking about any of her men dying.  she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if they died under her command.  it means she takes her steps first, and keeps her senses keen and hopes that they aren’t too numbed from being in space the whole time.  

sometimes she catches gendry looking at her, watching her, and when she steps first, he follows quickly, ready to catch her if she falls.

that moment when you realize

everyone in the room loves dean winchester

with the exception of dean winchester

I really like the idea of Kakashi always getting interrupted right before getting his r&r. He’s about to dip his feet into a hot tub when he’s informed that some mystery man has a sharingan. He’s about to take a sip of his margarita when Sasuke’s hawk gives him the message that Naruto’s been injured. He’s just finished setting up his beach chair when Sakura calls to tell him there’s been an attack on the village. It’s too late for him, he’ll never escape team seven hell. 

Energize - Open

Spock stood on the transporter pad. He checked his tricorder, communicator and phaser, waiting while the transporter chief entered the coordinates for beaming down to the Class M planet. 

He glanced at the rest of the away team and nodded toward the chief. “Energize." 


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