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Quick question: Are any of you going to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this summer? Our fabulous “away team” will be in attendance and we may have a proposition or two.

Message me if you’re thinking of going or if you are!

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9. Question poll: Most suited to be a comedian in the industry

Fans choice #3 - Sunny #2 - Hyoyeon

Blue team discussed a long time. Tiffany looked at Sunny.
Sunny: Yuri, Yuri.
Tiffany: You gave it away
Result: Young team gave their answer first - Yuri - and won

10. This game was a tie, both teams got to eat desserts. But as soon as they got to take a break, MC got them to standby. Seohyun hurriedly took one more bite of the mini fruit pie, Sooyoung gulped the remaining half (HAHAHA) and Taeyeon hung on to the last moment.
MC (unable to stand it anymore): Bring it off stage to eat then.
Taeyeon grabbed the Blue team’s left over half eaten box but Yoona came forward to stop her so Taeyeon returned it. Yoona then grabbed it and ran and Taeyeon ran back to grab the left overs of her own team’s. (LOLOLOL)

11. Songs: Chain Reaction -> Show Girl

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Heading out for the second training ride of the weekend. Hit the road yesterday in the rain to help out a teammate do some hill climbing after our weekly group training was rescheduled. I’m heading out on that ride now. All said and done I’ll have almost 200 miles in my legs this week and over 5,000 feet of climbing. And about a gallon of water in my shorts from the rain yesterday.

I hate climbing. But when you have a princess warrior like Margo as your superhero it’s a little easier. She wouldn’t complain. She wouldn’t give up. So I tighten up my own princess warrior boots and keep it going.

I’m only $1700 away from hitting my minimum goal. I have to raise that money by May 20th. We’re inching closer and closer to getting Margo’s research grant funded and help save some lives of kids with leukemia. 

It’s too late to save Margo, or my friend’s son Sam or my other friends’ daughter Kailie. But we can work to make sure there aren’t more Margos, Sams and Kailies.

Please donate today. Every donation gets a handmade thank you mailed to you and anyone who puts “comics” in the comments is in a drawing to win some signed comics from Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick or signed, limited edition books from Cory Doctorow. 

Hell, if you donate and put a silly request in the comments I’ll post the results right here. I do have a pink bunny costume and I’m not afraid to use it. Just go ahead and ask.

Any donation helps. Even the cost of a cup of coffee puts us closer to having Margo’s name attached to life saving research.

As soon as this fundraiser is done, my work isn’t. I won’t be fundraising anymore but I’ll be coaching new cyclists to do the same thing. We can’t all be superheros, but we can all be princess warriors. I’m proud to be one of Margo’s princess warriors.

Thank you.