if i was a GM i’d probably panic and freak out and accidentally trade away my whole team for picks in the last 5 minutes.

My mom had Rupert Grint on her flight home. She says he’s very nice, and it took all her strength not to make a Harry Potter joke.

I swear, she meets more interesting people as a flight attendant than I did working at Disneyland. Not just celebrities, but interesting people in general.

Australia really needs to talk about its racism. The government and opposition start banging on on terrorism and all of a sudden it’s hunting-season on innocent Muslim Aussies. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are too many living in squalor. Indian students are wary of coming here. Home and Away and Neighbours can’t cast a PoC to save their life. People refer to themselves as ‘Australian’ in a way that suggests Vietnamese Australian, Greek Australian, Aboriginal Australian or Korean Australians are something different. We all need to talk about racism and confront it wherever we see it. We need to change the culture, one dumb joke or racist dating preference or school bully at a time.


So recently I purchased parts to make about a 100 key chains and I don’t know what to do with them so GIVE AWAY TIME. 

What I’m giving away: 

  • 3 sets of the Team Free Will.
  • 2 sets of the Three Amigos.

I will be using a random number generator to pick 5 winners. The key chains are made with shrink film and finished with acrylic sealer. They are ink jet printed on so the characters themselves are nice quality. The sealer makes them pretty water resistant but I wouldn’t go dunking them into water or anything.

Some rules:

  1. You don’t need to be following me.
  2. Reblogs and Likes count and you can reblog as many times as you like.
  3. If there are more people than I expect, then I may increase the number of winners.
  4. This Giveaway ends on February 1st!

If nobody wants them, I’m just going to put them all on my cat.

 "The only cummon thing that people share is ....  D E A T H "

And you thought the bowl cut was bad enough. ;-)

Inspired by Papabay’s lovely Naruto Team Gai/Spirited Away crossover, which in turn was inspired by this picture by v-quez, welcome to Mighty Gai-Baba’s YOUTHFUL Fitness Center & Spa. (Starring Tenten as Chihiro, and Neji as Haku.)

EDIT: Corrected the text, since it’s obviously Team Gai, and not Team 8. (Thanks, Gabzilla-Z!) Derp, derp. :-P