BTS was mentioned in Nylon Magazine’s Article on New Up-And-Coming K-Pop Acts

Once an underground genre in South Korea, the country’s pop groups are finally going full-on hip hop. BTS is one of the most exciting boy bands to embrace this “new” edge. They’re even paying homage to some of its forefathers: On their reality show American Hustle Life, BTS spent time in Los Angeles to study West Coast rap style and took lessons from hip hop veterans Coolio and Warren G.The band has quickly found a large, passionate following in both Korea and here in America. In fact, the guys are so in-demand, that after their upcoming New York show sold out, ticketholders started re-selling them at a minimum price of $1000.  

Don’t give up. Just don’t give it up.
Life is a battle you have to win…and always, a l w a y s stay optimistic, don’t let anyone get you down.
Be happy. Life will be over sooner than you think and you’ll find yourself regretting that you kneeled when you should’ve stood tall.
Show them what you’re capable of and prove every single one of them wrong,make them feel ashamed for every word about you that has ever left their mouth!
I’m proud of you,I’ll always be(…)
—  My Dad, when I told him about my teachers..

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My hispanic friend today said to me, literally, "Well at least I don't have weave (im wearing twists, which aren't even weave, they're "extensions")" and she also said "At least I can grow my hair", my hair when stretched is like shoulder length. It pissed me off so bad I started to go off on her but no one, not even her took me seriously. She didn't understand how that felt, I even said that was racist like she was saying black girls can't grow their hair, I was so angry I almost wanted to cry.

Do you want her as a friend in the long run? If so, sit her down and explain to her that everyone’s hair can grow and that she’s being very anti-black by falling into stereotypes instead of listening and understanding you as her friend. 

why do crusty ass men think they can tell me to smile for them. why do they think they 1) look good enough to talk to me like that 2) think they have business telling me what the fuck to do