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Do Nothing

'What is it like to do nothing? I mean, really do nothing, nothing at all - no recalling what has happened, no imagining what might happen, no reflecting on what is happening, no analyzing or explaining or controlling what you experience. Nothing!

Why would you even try? We struggle in life because of a tenacious habit of wanting life to be different from what it is: The room you are in is too warm, you don’t like your job, or your partner isn’t quite the person of your dreams. You adjust the thermostat, get a new job, or tell your partner what you need. Now it’s too cool, you are earning less money, or your partner has found some flaws in you. The more we try to make life conform to our desires, the more we struggle, and the more we suffer. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to accept what arises, completely: in other words, do nothing.

Paradoxically, such radical acceptance opens a way of living we could hardly have imagined.’

- Ken McLeod, Something from Nothing, from the Winter 2010 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

Here is something I wrote for a couple of psychologists that asked for a specific BPD themed description/story.

I had little time to write it and was limited, so I hope it is better than I think. I’m not 100% ok with it and caught more than enough typos and aspects I wanted to change/add that I did not get to fix before submitting it. Was very rushed on top of college and lots of other work. =( I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I at least followed what they asked for. Right?:p

Regardless, it was really helpful for me to write this. I summarized a bit of my experience with borderline personality disorder and included how my master impacted that. I hope it allows some to understand a bit more.
I want to truly thank tainteddreamer89 nothingpretentious porcelaindissonance and for reading it and helping me through this.

Perhaps I should add a possible trigger warning.

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ok folks lets talk about elephants

it has come to my attention that lots of people here on tumblr are unaware about the sad and preoccupying situation that both african and asian elephants are facing.

as a nature blog it is not uncommon that this beautiful animal appears on my dashboard.  however it is unfortunate that more often than not the elephant is in captivity. 

lots of posts seem to romanticise the idea of riding an elephant, seeing them at the circus, and even painting, but the capture of wild elephants for domestic use (asia) and tourism all over, has become a threat to wild populations where numbers have been seriously reduced. not only that, but elephants suffer so much to be domesticated and in their everyday captive life! elephants are extremely social, active and complex beings. being locked up, ridden and treated like an object is complete torture for them. many end up with not only psychological disorders, but also other problematic health issues: that’s why even though elephants can live up to 70 years in the wild the mean in captivity is only 20.     
also there’s still a LOT of poaching going on in Africa, due to their ivory.
blogging and posting photos of ivory artefacts and jewelry is again romanticising it, as it is buying ivory on its on.  

if things stay as they are, elephants will go extinct in 20 years

so please, share this message and help to spread awareness on this. it is important that people don’t encourage elephant capturing and killing! the more people support this, the longer it will last.

no public = no money = no captures or deaths

let’s take care of our wildlife while we still have it.

  1. Infinite Being is All That Is. Nothing exists outside of it
  2. We are Infinite Being
  3. Purpose in life
  4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential
  5. Reincarnation
  6. Life after ‘death’
  7. Life reflects what you project
  8. Abundance is natural
  9. Love is the only reality
  10. Self-responsibility
  11. Truth is everywhere
  12. Inner connection and insight

What is an ileostomy?

Ileostomys are more common than you would imagine. There is a 99% chance that you will have met someone who has one and you’ve had no idea, even if that’s just saying excuse me to someone in the supermarket.
Surgery to create an ileostomy can be done for a number of reasons. When a person has an illness that affects the bowel, it can sometimes be the only option.
I have had the whole of my colon and rectum removed. To try and prevent me from having a permanent ileostomy (I had a temporary one when I was 15 for a year), I had an internal j-pouch which acted as a reservoir in place of my colon. However, after 4 and a half years, I had enough of it failing me and opted for a permanent ileostomy which I have now.

In ileostomy surgery, a part of the small bowel called the ‘ileum’ is brought to the surface of the abdomen, it is stitched into place, and the small part of bowel that is left at the surface is called the ‘stoma’. I think it looks a little bit like if you cut a small tomato in half and stuck it on your stomach. It’s normally just below your belly button to the right hand side.
You have no control over what comes out of the stoma, basically the same as you aren’t able to control where abouts your food is inside your belly. Because of this, I have to wear a bag at all times to collect waste in.
I wear a base plate, which is just a flat base that sticks to my belly around my stoma, and then a bag sticks onto the base plate. They are both extremely sticky so if done right, there is no way it can leak or come away from my skin.
The waste that empties into my bag is basically just like water, as I have no colon to absorb water or salts. I go to the loo about 4-6 times each day to empty my bag, sometimes more depending on how much and what I eat.
I change the base plate and bag every few days just to give it a clean and stop my skin from getting sore.

Pictured is a bag, displaying how it would be emptied and the round part is where it sticks to the base plate. Also the base plate which I cut to fit my stoma.

Thank you for all your questions! I’ll answer the ones I’ve been sent so far below, but please feel free to send more for me to answer ☺️

• Can you accidentally rip the bag out if you catch it on something and does it hurt at all if you catch it on things?
- No not at all. It’s sticks to my belly and is almost impossible to just pull off. I have to use adhesive spray to remove it. And I’ve never caught it on anything but wouldn’t imagine that it hurts!

• Are there foods that you can’t eat?
- I can eat absolutely anything. I know that a lot of people with ileostomys have a restricted diet but for me personally, I can eat whatever I like!

• Can you still have a bath or shower and go swimming?
- Yes I can do all 3 as the bags and base plates are completely water proof. After a bath or shower I just towel dry it. There is also swimwear available for people with bags to help support it, but other than that, nothing is really different.

• Do you cover your bag while out in public?
- I’d say probably 100% of people that have to wear a bag do. They are easy to hide under clothing, I can still even wear fairly tight clothing and high waisted shorts/trousers. Belt are also available which are just tight around your belly and help to “hide” your bag even more.

• Is it normal for someone so young to have a bag?
- I have seen new born babies having ileostomys all the way up to 90 year olds. It is probably more common in older people but anyone at any age could have one. You probably just aren’t aware of it as people have a habit of hiding it!

• How is the bag emptied, and how often?
- I think I’ve answered this further up but anyway.. The bags have an opening at the bottom which you empty the waste from, just straight down the toilet. Then I wipe it and roll it up, then seal it by Velcro. Normally around 4-6 times a day, or just whenever it needs to be emptied. Have a look at the picture I’ve posted and you’ll see what I mean!

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It’s self-harm awareness day today.

Self-harm is something that can affect anybody, no matter where you come from or what age you are. It is an act that can include so many different behaviours, not just cutting yourself. Self-harm, quite often, is a secret that is kept very hidden, be that via avoiding things such as swimming or wearing long sleeve tops/trousers no matter what the weather.

The reason by self-harm isn’t a simple one. People self-harm for all kinds of reasons, so I don’t think we can pin it down to one specific cause. People might self-harm to control something, to feel a pain that seems more ‘manageable’, to escape for a bit, to punish themselves - and that’s just scratching the surface.

If you self-harm, please reach out and talk to someone. There are distractions as a temporary fix but please talk to someone. There is a person out there who will listen, even if you haven’t found them yet.

Self-harm is something that affects me personally. I have been hurting myself for nearly 9 years for various reasons. I am lucky, now, to have support, but I saw at least 15 professionals before I found someone who would listen to me. Now things are getting easier, albeit slowly. There was a time when I thought that things would never change or never get better and now I honestly believe they might do. That goes for everyone. You can come back from a very dark place and come out on top. Just remember that, when things feel bad and you feel like giving up. It is always possible to get through this, no matter how horrible you feel you are. Truly.