Merkaba is the Divine Light Vehicle allegedly used by Ascended Masters to Connect with and Reach those in Tune with the Higher Realms. “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means Body. Mer - Ka - Ba means the Body/Spirit surrounded by counter-rotating Fields of Light (Wheels within Wheels), Spirals of Energy as in our DNA, which Transport Body/Spirit from one Dimension to another.

May is BPD Awareness Month

Due to the fact that May is BPD awareness month, i felt the need to make a detailed post about such.

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With just under a week to go until AceDay, I need your help!

I’ve been planning on doing a mini art series consisting of works such as the above^ for ages, and want to post it on AceDay. But I need ideas! So if you’d like to get involved (please do!) I have an ask box for submissions here and will get as many as I can done in time for the day. I’ll give credit to each person’s idea in the post (unless you choose to submit anonymously), and it can be anything ace-related that you like, from a quote to a saying, and as serious as you like (for example, one of my ideas is simply “No, I am not a plant”).

(Even if you don’t want to join in or aren’t in the community, please consider reblogging this for a little signal boost! If this becomes popular I may consider continuing it as a longer series and maybe even expand into other LGBTQ+ areas)

(Disclaimer: I am in no way anywhere near a good artist, I just like to mess about on my graphics tablet)

National Education Alliance for BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder (Wikipedia)

BPD Symptoms

National Institute of Mental Health (BPD)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (BPD)

BPD Overview 

Internet Mental Health (BPD)

Causes of BPD

Risk Factors of BPD

Complications of BPD

Tests and Diagnosis 

Treatments and Drugs

Coping and Support

BPD Central


BPD Resource Center (Contact & Hotlines)

BPD Demystified

BPD - Out of the FOG

Mental Health America (BPD)

AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) - BPD

Psychology Today - BPD

Psych Central - BPD Treatment

Please take all of this seriously. This is a critical mental illness that is the one of the hardest things to ever overcome. Treatment is possible and readily available. Please seek help if you need it, contact and hotlines are above, although psycho/therapy is the best option. Please don’t give up hope. You are not a bad person. You are worth the effort. You have a great, long life ahead of you. Don’t let this stand in your way. 
I am always available for help/advice/questions. 


So lucid dreaming vs out of body experience/AP. What is the difference?

This is actually a question that is simple and complex at the same time. Fundamentally, at its very core, they are part of the same overall phenomenon: experiences that occurs in another dimension that is not the physical plane, and there is no interaction done by the physical body.

Now on to the differences:

A regular dream usually occurs in a dimension created by your subconscious mind. Please note my use of the word “create”. This is not a “fake” world; it is very real, just not a part of physical reality. Some especially vivid dreams may occur on already existing worlds, for example the afterlife.

A lucid dream is just like a dream, except they only happen on worlds created by your subconscious mind (or conscious mind if you’re skilled), and you know you are dreaming and can express varying degrees of influence upon your surroundings, like magic, superpowers, flying, etc. You will also have varying degrees of lucidity/awareness. You can summon creatures and beings to do your bidding, for example; you are pretty much like a god here. (The degree of control may depend on how much harmony exists between your conscious will and your unconscious mind). You may also directly converse with your subconscious mind here and learn about yourself (this last part was not tested by myself yet)

Now an OBE, out of body experience, or astral projection is where you are fully aware of phasing out of your physical body into another body and moving around another world. This world is usually the afterlife (called the astral plane, or more correctly known in the occult as the plane of emotion). You will know and feel the difference, you will be able to do things like fly and perform magic, but you will not be a “god” exactly, you cannot influence everything and everyone here, as all beings are equally divine, sovereign, and immortal regardless of whether they act that way or not.


Astral travel: This is the highest form of an OBE/Astral projection; high mastery of out of body experience allowing you to even go so far as to visit the past and the future and see what they are like. You can visit the moon, parts of the earth, other planets, even distant galaxies.


Kenji: Why is he here?

Sage: Because Rosie invited me.

Rosie: Because we are going to put our differences aside and help spread awareness for Lupus!

Rosie & the guys wanted to help support and spread awareness about lupus for the amazing, Simmindipity and all the other people fighting daily against the effects of this disease. After reading Simmindipity’s original post this encouraged me to learn more about what lupus truly is and I encourage everyone else to be informed. You can find out more by reading here, or from many other helpful resources across the WWW. 

Rosie went and picked up a Lupus awareness shirt from the lovely, Ajoya-Sims Boutique. She also got the boys some matching purple hoodies to help show their support as well, which they were happy to do once they realized how important being aware truly is!

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 Jan Zizka, 1 week ago:                 

Just watched the Planetary movie.. I’ve never seen so beautiful and emotional movie in my life. Thank you for taking my feelings about this world and putting them into this overwhelming story.This movie should be seen by every man, woman and especially child on this planet so they can get a real perspective of the world which they live in. Every speeking man and woman in the movie should be in all TV news, schools, radios, newpapers and giving to everyone this huge wisdom. That’s what we need. That’s what our world, home needs! I am tremendously proud of you. Thank your so much! You’re my heroes. This is kind a message that our society needed for a really long time!


For once in my life I’m happy. even though my body tries to tell me to be anything but. I finally received one huge blessing, my service dog Gracie. She is a God sent angel and I couldn’t be happier <3 the day after meeting her the best news came another blessing.. I was approved for disability, after only 2 months (guess you know you’re really chronically ill when you get approved so quick lol) of course I miss eating food and I miss drinking fluids and I hate TPN and my central line and I’m not looking forward to getting another G tube for venting and my wheelchair can be a bother BUT HOLY CRAP I’m happy! I have met someone amazing who understands because he’s a spoonie too and I’ve made amazing friends and have tons of cosplay plans and I’m surrounded by the most amazing spoonie community and no matter how much my health declines nothing can take away my ability to love and feel happiness and THAT is more than enough of a reason for me to fight!


Martin Brofman - Chakra Reference Chart showing the Body/Mind Interface through the Chakras, relating specific Chakras to specific parts of the Consciousness, and specific parts of the Body, “Advancement of Healing”, 1988.


Maybe you’ve seen them: white bicycles chained to signposts and fences, perhaps even in your neighborhood. They’re known as ghost bikes, and serve as somber memorials of tragedy. Each one symbolizes a life lost while on a bicycle. 

The memorials are built with one simple goal: to remind everyone to slow down, be safe and treat others with respect.

Learn more about ghost bikes here.

Male Bisexuality Awareness

I think we need to talk more about male bisexuality.  We are told that we are either gay or straight and there is no in between and we have to make a choice.  And it’s frowned upon so much that many times bisexual males are actually rejected more than gay males because people don’t believe bisexuality exists.  So I only ask that maybe for at least this one post, we raise a little awareness about male bisexuality.

So please reblog & like if you care.  Every note this gets lets me and other bisexual males out there know that people believe we exist and accept us.