This is a campaign to abolish torture.

Tied hands are placed on the back of seating in every day situations such as on the bus, or at the cinema.

Doing this makes this campaign stand out from the crowd for me

its making people have something to notice and catch their eye, it makes a slight change to their daily routine. The image of the tied hands, is powerful you can see that they have been struggling and thanks to the text “Victims are people just like you and me” it really puts the problem into perspective and makes you think that this could happen or has happened to anyone that is sat on this bus, or in this cinema.

Migraine Awareness Month- June. (#NMAM)

I plan on uploading old Migraine writings here daily or as possible, given my health considerations. Read them if you want… But… I thought y'all should know… that it’s going to be National Migraine Awareness Month… and we Migraineurs are out there… and plan to be visible.

Invisible no more…

I listened to this philosopher the other day

And he was talking about education and, you know, he was kinda against conventional forms of education and he was saying that it’s like, it conditions people to fall into these cookie cartons have expectations. It’s like, oh, I went to college, now should I be rich tomorrow? Is my ticket stamped? And in reality the best education you can have is awareness of yourself. And why you’re sometimes constructive, why you’re sometimes destructive, and that in itself is something that will prepare you for success because you are able to get out of your own damn way.

(transcripted from the Jillian Michaels show podcasted on 02/02/2011)