(yes that is my finest work as an edit/graphic maker lets be real here)

but now that i have gotten to 2,000 followers (WHICH IS INSANE HOLY SHIT THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH) and emily, rory, brett and me finally chose the winners for the last blog awards, im feeling ill do one by myself now as a thank you to all you wonderful followers :)

there be some rules fo’ sho:

must be following me you know how it is

reblog only once until may 30th, 9:00 to enter (do not like this post please and thank you)

must reach at least 150 notes or i won’t be doing it (because the last time i did an awards we had very little people to chose from and i dont want that to happen again)

here are the categories:

best sherlock

best multifandom

best other (meaning art blogs and “hipster” blogs, you can reblog this on a sideblog if you wish, just comment your main blog so i know you’re following me)

best edits/graphics

funniest blogger

nicest blogger

best url

there will be one winner for every category, and for every 150 notes a runner up. (meaning there will be at least one winner and one runner up for each category)

winners win:

eternal glory

a follow from me

promos whenever you want (for a month after the winners are announced)

runners up win:


a possible follow from me (meaning ill check out your blog and probably follow)

promos whenever you want for a week and a half (after the winners are announced)

you can reblog to enter until may 30th at 9:00

Welcome, welcome, to my first ever (solo) tumblr awards! 

*thank you too liv, who did the little header picture. 


  • Jared Howe ~ Funniest blogger
  • Magnus Bane ~ Kindest blogger
  • Finnick Odair ~ Sassiest blogger
  • Will Herondale ~ My favorite
  • Charlotte Branwell ~ Best icon
  • Cinna ~ Best edits
  • Annie Cresta ~ Best posts
  • Jem Carstairs ~ Best sidebar
  • Melanie Stryder ~ Best URL
  • Max Lightwood ~ Best theme
  • Peeta Mellar ~ Most creative
  • Nathaniel Gray ~ Best description
  • Clary Fray ~ Best overall


  • must be following me (I will check)
  • only reblog once 
  • no likes or i will hit u over the head with a shovel
  • It must reach 30 notes. Every time it reaches another 30, another winner will be added to each category
  • There is only one winner for best overall and my favorite
  • You will have until the 8th of April 


  • Best overall and My favorite will get an individual spot on my blog, (provided there is enough space;) )
  • A spot on my blog
  • Up to five promos whenever you want with the following three weeks
  • Eternal glory and pride
  • A follow back if not following already
  • My love
welcome to willowensherondale and wessagrayondale's tumblr awards!


  • Peeta Mellark - best url
  • Katniss Everdeen - best thg blog
  • Finnick Odair - funniest blogger
  • Annie Cresta - best sidebar
  • Tessa Gray - best tid blog
  • Will Herondale - best overall
  • Jem Castairs - kindest blogger
  • Magnus Bane - best multifandom
  • Clary Fray - best tmi blog
  • Jace Wayland - best theme
  • Simon Lewis - best posts
  • Tris Prior - best divergent blog
  • Tobias Eaton - best edits
  • Saskia’s favorite
  • Leila’s favorite


  • a spot on both our blogs
  • follow backs, if not already
  • free promos for two weeks 
  • chocolate
  • eternal glory
  • our everlasting love and friendship
  • the best overall gets four weeks of promos and a url graphic from lee. :)


  • mbf lee and saskia
  • reblogs only, like it and we’ll throw you off a cliff
  • must reach 50 notes
  • reblog until may 31
  • we’ll announce the winners sometime in june don’t pressurize us xoxox