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Onebuttscratcher PRESENTS A kcolrehssemloh II emilyjanesworld II thedreamingdinosaur A FILM BY neb-is-here Benedict Cumberbatch Chris Evans MUSIC BY II i-loki-you II winterheart17 COSTUME DESIGNER duckland EDITED BY sherlock-life PRODUCTION DESIGNER amortentia25 II DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY kevienpictures EXECUTIVE PRODUCER sherlyismyholmesboy II barely-seen II jurgbury STORY BY hiddlestonhug DIRECTED BY nievesrecords

A broken heart can lead even the sweetest person to turn. After a particularly bad breakup Flannigan (played by Award Winning Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch) refuses to let go of his love. Hearing about his tough breakup his three best friends gather around to support him but when Flannigan starts to list the people who’ve broken his heart and heads down a dark path they question what he may do if he gets too far into this pit of despair.



I think we are at the point where we need to start making up awards to give to Gillian Anderson because the ones that currently exist seem inadequate.

i have cried to many times over Tyler and its always for the strangest reasons???

i cry when he wins awards

i cry when celebrities notice him

i cry when he looks good in pictures

i cry when he notices a fan

i cry when he choses chipotle over taco bell

but i always cry when he touches his hair

what is wrong with me

The Turnip Greens is a compact multi-effect pedal combining the award-winningSoul Food Overdrive and Holy Grail Max Reverb. The Soul Food delivers transparent sounds starting with clean boost and progressing all the way to intense overdrive. It’s equally adept at adding punch to a player’s tone, pushing an amp into saturation or in front of other dirt pedals driving them into new worlds of distortion.


NASA Picks Boeing & SpaceX To Transport Astronauts To International Space Station

Less than a month after NASA gave the go-ahead for construction of its new heavy-lift rocket, the agency announced it has selected SpaceX and Boeing to transport U.S. astronauts to and from the International Space Station aboard private space taxis.

NASA awarded Boeing and SpaceX contracts worth $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion, respectively, to develop their spacecraft as a part of the Commercial Crew Program. The contracts require the completion of at least one test flight with an astronaut on board to confirm the spacecraft performs as expected. Once certified by NASA, each company will be allowed to perform up to six crewed missions to the space station.

Both Boeing’s CST-100 crew capsule and SpaceX’s Dragon V2 spacecraft can support up to seven astronauts and are designed to be reusable. The Dragon V2 is a human-rated upgrade on the Dragon capsule SpaceX currently uses, under contract with NASA, to perform cargo resupply missions to the space station. Boeing is no stranger to spacecraft construction either, having been the prime contractor for the ISS.

[Enter The Dragon: Meet SpaceX’s Next Generation Spacecraft]

The first flight of the Commercial Crew Program expected to occur by 2017. It will mark NASA’s first human spaceflight since the end of the Space Shuttle Program. “Today, we’re one giant leap closer to launching our astronauts from the U.S. on American spacecraft,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a statement Tuesday.

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Boeing and SpaceX Awarded $6.8 Billion Space Taxi Contract

NASA officially announced today that private companies Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Boeing aerospace will be the lucky pioneers who will be bringing human space travel back to the United States and into the private sector.

The announcement was made late Tuesday afternoon by a panel of NASA officials, experts, and private sector representatives, including NASA administrator Charlie Bolden, Commercial Crew program managerKathryn Lueders, and astronaut Michael Fink.

Bolden in particular was grinning like a toddler on his birthday as he announced that human spaceflight was once again returning to US soil, and being placed in the hands of US companies.

"I’m giddy today," he admitted to the press. "I couldn’t be happier."

According to Bolden, this major decision was one of the hardest the agency has ever had to make, but it was more of a question of who would be getting the contracts, not if they were going to be awarded at all.

Since NASA retired its costly space shuttle program in 2011, US astronauts have been bumming rides to the International Space Station (ISS) on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which are limited to bringing only three crew members at a time. Not only did this limit what kind of research could be conducted at the orbital lab, but it also was costing the agency $70 million a seat - a stunningly hefty cab fare.

This arrangement has been threatened, however, with increasing tension between the US and Russia following the Russian occupation of Ukraine, and the US had turned to its private sector for new options.

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140913 Super Junior, another No.1 at ‘Show! Music Core’… All Kill “Would like to share with Yesung"


Group SuperJunior won no.1 at ‘Show! Music Core’ as well.

SuperJunior was ranked no.1 with ‘MAMACITA’ at MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ broadcasted on the 13th afternoon.

Eunhyuk receiving the no.1 trophy said “First of all, we want to thank our fans who made us to receive this great award. We would like to share the award with Yesung who would be watching us through television. Leeteuk then thanked the staff working together.

SuperJunior have also won no.1 trophies at cable channel MBC Music ‘Show Champion’, Mnet ‘ M!countdown’, and KBS 2TV ‘ Music Bank’. Also winning no.1 at ‘Show! Music Core’ they gain the 4th no.1 trophy.

‘MAMACITA’ is an urban new jack swing genre song which the piano melody makes one remind of drum sound and DJ remix with the Indian percussion rhythm at the basis.

Meanwhile, many singers such as SuperJunior, 2PM, T-ara, TEEN TOP, KARA, BTS, Secret, Kim Jong Min, Red Velvet, NASTY NASTY, SPICA.S, SunnyHill, Gilme, 4TEN, and Lip Service performed flashy stages in ‘Show! Music Core’ at this day.

Source: [Sun Mi Kyung]

simple blogrates for a friend uwu

alright so a close real life friend was nominated for a disney tumblr awards and i really want to help her out (it would mean a lot to her and me as well eeeep)

  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • vote for ice-solation here
  • send me an ask w your poll number
  • the blograte would look something like this:

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
following: not but ily | just did | yes | to the moon and back

thats it owo

anonymous said:

Mama, I'm a strong supporter of yours and Kristen and rob, however, Id like to act as the voice of reason today. I think all of us need to shut up about K's award chances. Cosm is disqualified, Still Alice is PURELY Julianne's film and she will be the one that'll be campaigned for, and three quarters of America doesn't even know what a "Camp X-Ray" is, unfortunately. I believe that great things will happen to K (and R), but this year just won't make the cut. We should seriously get real.

If I and other fans have to shut up about Kristen’s chances then are you going to go to all the critics and the current prediction websites that are currently saying she could or should get a nomination?!

We are not discussing anything that they are not discussing!

Nothing’s been disqualified until December 31st…

So though it’s likely that CoSM will not be in the running…nothing’s written in stone yet…IFC might just wake up and smell the coffee! And the critics are saying Kristen could/should be nominated for best supporting actress!

As for Still Alice…it’s seems from all the buzz that Julianne is a lock as a nominee for best actress but again, the talk here on my blog is not coming out of thin air…we are discussing what is coming out of TIFF and it’s the critics that are saying Kristen could recognized for her role in Still Alice…along with Alec Baldwin…so unless an actor is in a movie by themselves no movie is ever solely one actors movie!

AND I’ve said OVER AND OVER again if not this year it will happen! So at the moment though you claim to be a supporter you seem more like a Debbie Downer and I’ve little tolerable for Debbie Downers! It’s not over until it’s over…so right now as far as I’m concerned you can STFU!