It wasn’t until I read Laura Miller’s Salon article on the PEN-Charlie Hebdo courage award, that I learned about Molly Norris (that’s her, above, with her dog).

Molly Norris was a Seattle cartoonist. Four years ago, on FBI advice, she went into hiding. She had drawn the cartoon above, and for that she was placed on an al-Quaida list of targets for murder.

Molly’s story came back to light last month after twelve cartoonists and journalists were gunned down at the offices of the French satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo. They were slain by Islamic radicals who were offended by their depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Norris, a Seattle cartoonist who drew for local publications like the Seattle Weekly and City Arts, found herself on the same al-Qaeda hit list as some of the murdered Hebdo artists.

On the advice of the FBI, she abandoned her life and work when Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki called for her assassination in retaliation for posting a comic referencing Mohammed…

Learn her story here:

Edit to add: I’ve removed the image of the actual cartoon that caused Molly’s death sentence, because people were getting upset by it, and my intent was not to put something up that made people upset, angry or defensive or offended, but simply to draw attention to a cartoonist driven underground, who might otherwise be forgotten. The image, for the curious, is at this link.  

my favourite fanfic trope is “for some reason we have to platonically share this bed and there is so much sexual and romantic tension we can barely function and at some point during the night one of us is going to end up spooning the other and we’re going to wake up in the morning an awkward tangle of limbs with morning breath and morning wood but we’re both going to pretend to be asleep even though we’re actually awake because we think the other is asleep so we can lie like this for just a few more minutes”

 This prompt inspired me.  And I owed lifeloveanddance a present anyway. :)  So.  Here’s an Everlark drabble based on it.

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I hope you didn't have to break your foot again to get that first place award.

If it helps on my way out of the Mathematics Quiz hall I fell down the staircase and hit my other leg against the edges of the stairs when I slid down :“^D

  • me when zayn left:i just can't believe this is happnening i am so sad ):
  • me three days after zayn left:it's for the best. he had to do it for himself. it's okay. we're ok.
  • me after like a month of silence from zayn:i fucking hate him he literally has no consideration for us
  • me after zayn's speech at the asian awards:i am finally at peace with zayn. he never meant to hurt us
  • me after the zouis twitter fight:i fucking hate him how can he talk shit about his BROTHER like this??
  • me right now:i may never know what's really going on

Top: Esther Doryen, 5, is transported to the Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders Ebola treatment centre by ambulance on August 31, 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. Esther tested positive for Ebola and passed away on the 7th of November, a week after being admitted. Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images Reportage, from The Ebola Crisis.

Middle: A group of women shouts slogans against Venezuela’s opposition during a political rally in front of the national parliament in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo by Alejandro Cegarra/Getty Images Reportage, from Living in Hugo Chavez’s Legacy

Bottom: A Syrian father walks with his two daughters and their belongings shortly after arriving in Jordan, after fleeing from Syria to the unofficial border crossing at Sharjarh, Jordan, April 10, 2013. Thousands of Syrians are crossing into Jordan each day across unofficial border points between the two countries, as Syrians flee ongoing fighting in their country. The United Nations estimates that the number of Syrian refugees is currently over one million, most of whom are living in neighboring countries, straining the resources of host countries. Photo by Lynsey Addario/Reportage by Getty Images, from Syria’s Refugees.

These three stories will be shown as print exhibitions at the Visa pour l’Image Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, France. View a list of exhibitions here.  

Sam Heughan Nominated for Saturn Awards!!!

This year’s winners will be announced at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards which takes place on June 25, 2015.

Sam was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series’ and Outlander was also nominated for ‘Best Limited Run Television Series’.

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Why do you think zayn is selfish?

i dont feel like getting all into this but

  1. he cheats on his fiancee and doesn’t even hide it so you can tell he only cares about himself
  2. the way he left the band was selfish. he couldn’t even play the last couple shows for the people who had been waiting 5 years to see him and had already paid for their tickets. he left under the guise of “wanting to be a normal 22 year old” then proceeded to drop a single, go to an awards show and bitch on twitter. he’s a liar and he’s selfish like it’s not hard to see..