Im fat and dont have friends and i eat lunch like hiding in the clsssroom and my mom is worried about mebut i cant do anything about it because no one irl likes me or awants to be my friend and if they did i’d haveto lie to thm about being mentally il+gay+trans mprobably nand, my grades are lower than theyve ever been but school has only gotten harder forme annf im like. falling apart but no one’’s there to help me through anything im only13 i i cnt do everything by myselfd

i eel so bad ssososo bad charlie litterally wants to kill me thye wont even tell me what i did qrong and pparkers vaguging me aadn awants to kill me everyones going to kill me honestlyw what did i do wrong wh y did you let them call me creepy and manipulative why what ddid i do wrong

im’ sorryv imso sorry

i hate myself why can’t id oanhythjing 

i want everyone to ben happy

i wanna be BLE to rtake away everyoens pain 

i want e vrtyone to be happy nd okay

but they can’’t a\

dnt hey never will be

i hate myself fro beiing so sensitivr and i hate myself i hatehmyself i awant to murder myselfforevr i h


meto todas las foto a rolete porke si.
awante el dead zone uachooo ni me akuerdo si se llamaba asi
pero awante. Y al gordo choto de heladeria Ciocco lo vamo a ir abuskar, ah se había kedado re vengativa
Probamos todos los juegos de parke sanmartin re piola, niños tester ke

my body hurts i dont want to go tomorrow i am nervous and im going to cry on stage i know i am and i cant fall asleep and i awant to die