so i was at the craft store today getting cross stitch supplies bc i need to pick up a hobby and there was this girl who excitedly asked “if i cross stitched” and i told her i wanted to get into it and she was so nice telling me what i needed and aw she was adorable and it made me super excited to learn and she was telling me how her friends have little cross stitch parties and make harry potter things and aw it was just so sweet how excited she got


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I met kelsey rule bc her school is in my town and I work at an ice cream place there. I told her she was great and she's like "you really think so?" Like she didn't believe it she was so sweet


CodenameBetty’s Prompt Meme
  1. reason 141 that i hate cooking for one
  2. you’re probably crying but I’m laughing
  3. Just bring me alcohol while I cry in the shower
  4. and I frickin almost did it before being like BUT WAIT THAT’S AGAINST WHAT WE STAND FOR
  5. I feel like I’ve been climbing idiot mountain, and now I’m tired
  6. I’ll kill some people in your honour
  7. remember when you used to accuse me of being a serial killer
  8. what are we doing with the body pillows
  9. naw she’d be like “aw that is so goshdarn sweet” but internally she’d be screaming
  10. print out one of my selfies and embrace it like a crazy person
  11. I’m assuming we just shoot people?
  12. omg what did I cook and why do I like it
  15. marzipan and sadness
  16. too late, already wrote down “bears” on your bday list
  17. oh now you have a soul - how convenient
  19. well, when your sexual situation stems from a tragic cylcone of angst…
  20. I’m ready to completely ignore the world
  21. I only have attention span when I care ok
  22. I may have to alter the laws of physics
  23. so… do we start drinking now.. or…
  24. I have officially given up on things like “pride” or “embarassment”
  25. it’s so squishy and cute, omg, now i need to murder something to offset all these happy feels

Send me a number and a character or pairing and I’ll write a drabble based on these random, out-of-context things we said in Skype! You’re welcome.

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Nearing the end of the ask outlander with cait and then we struck gold! I'm sure you know which comment I mean :) also happy you got a reply from cait!!

Yesss!!! So sweet!! Aw thank you! I’m pretty surprised she saw my tweet but I’m so happy :)


June 2nd Was The Most Amazing History Of our Friendship When We Got The Loving Gift Every Girls Dream To meet Taylor Swift at The Pepsi Center In Denver Co We Were So Excited And We Could Not believe that we were About to meet her in Person I was Shaking so much I Told her I loved her and she said Loved me To She Knew our Name and we were Shocked I Told her I would Sing you belong with me Before I would cheer and she Replied Awe that’s so sweet of you and I Said I Love you Again she said Love you she Told Gabby That She was Inspired by her Story And Loved Looking at all the old Pictures of her back as a Teenager before she Became our Diary of Songs she Made us feel so Loved when She Dedicated us a song to us and I also Teared up when she Gave me a Hug and we Gave us a Hug and Made my Sparks Fly And Took away my pain we Gave Her a cute RED Towel with our Names On The Back and I Gave her my Letter And She said she would Read It and Then i said can we Do A video and she said I can do this whats your Favorite Gabby and I Looked at each other And Screamed Enchanted & she Dedicated the Song In Front Of 13 Thousand People in A sold out crowd to us ;] Thank you Andrea For Raising Your Daughter to be an Impact In our Life
We Love you so much Taylor taylorswift

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You're beautiful EXACTLY as you are. If you want to change I support that, but you're truly gorgeous all over already so try to never be jealous of anyone. I've seen you tiny as well as chubby, and I still always said, "she's incredibly stunning!" 💜

Awe. That was so fucking sweet!!!! Thank you so much!

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Can you describe rubyandnightshadow personality to me and what you like about her? I have a feeling she'll need it in this time of stress.

Aw well she’s so sweet and she has noble and good intentions! She has a good heart and is very smart. She’s also a cutie! rubyandnightshadow

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has anyone told you that you resemble jessica szohr? i think it's the eyes. you both are so genetically blessed it's unfair ><

ahhh no but she is gorgeous! aw thank you, you’re so sweet T_T <3 i think you’re very beautiful as well!

So my cousin is a lesbian and she doesn’t know that I know so today we were at the gym because my grandma wanted to join and while she was registering my cousin and I were talking about all the perks and she says:
“I’m sure there’ll be lots of cute boys here….and maybe some cute girls.” and then she got so embarrassed I was like aw u sweet precious being I love you