How can I live without thee, how forgo thy sweet converse and love so dearly joined, to live again in these wild woods forlorn? Should God create another Eve, and I another rib afford, yet loss of thee would never from my heart; no, no! I feel the link of nature draw me: flesh of flesh, bone of my bone, thou art, and from thy state mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe.
—  John Milton, Paradise Lost 

@scooterbraun: Very happy tonight. I love this kid. And I have his back forever. @justinbieber is #family and I am proud of him. He is growing and pushing himself as a young man and doing it with the world watching. And what he wants is to be good. To be great. And to mean something positive to the world despite the obstacles or the pressures. His heart is pure and I will be right there with him like I promised him 6 years ago. It is all love :) How we react to adversity is what defines us as men. proud of u jb. Great talk. Thank u. Love u man!

~ Happy Easter ~


With a scowl firmly plastered across his face, Xaldin quickly shoves a small box into Saïx’s hands and turns to skulk off. Inside the box are a number of soft treats made to resemble blue rabbits, all plump and marshmallowy.
“Apologies for the slight delay, VII. I know you don’t like chocolate and it was difficult finding something that wasn’t made of the stuff. Unfortunately they’re not Sea Salt Ice Cream-flavoured, but at least it won’t kill you to try them. Happy Easter.”

{☾} — Saïx looked down at the small box and opened it up. How…cute. And he could eat these. He smiled at Xaldin and gave him a small bow out of respect. “Thank you, Xaldin. I do appreciate it. Even though I do not celebrate it, I do like this.”

grim-perdition asked:

"That anon's right - you're not as pretty as your mother. You're even more beautiful!" (Morgan bias is strong!)

   ”Mn…” Morgan conducted a brief mental debate over whether or not she wanted to accept the compliment, or wallow in self-pity for a little while. After a moment of consideration, she chose the former.