LEE KLABIN  ‘Forbidden Forest’  A/W 11 12

For her third R-T-W collection Klabin is inspired by the haunting after effects of deforestation. Taking the severe reality of deforestation as an anchoring point, luxurious fabrics have been stripped, shaved and eroded away, heightening the dark undertones that run through the collection. Klabin will be showcasing at PFW, 4th – 8th March 2011, 38 Rue Charlot, Paris 75003 


A New Cross AW 12 Igne Natura Renovatur Ingetra

isscreenshot ko sana yung 11:11 kaso nung pagbukas ko nung phone, 11:12 aw wala na backout na kj kasi e hhahahahahahaha