justagoodoldfashionedvillain said:

So I came on here to tell you I love your blog and I realized that about 99.99% of what I reblog is from you. So I definitely do love you and I wanted to say hi! :) haha.

Aw omfg! I love you so much thank you! 😘😘
Also I feel like we should be friends. So here’s a question I believe starts most fried ships: how do you pronounce ‘Tobias’?

anonymous said:

omg you reblogged from bethanynews. you and them are my fav bethany blogs! :) ♥ love you guys, keep doing what you do. xx

aw i love their blog !! thank you so much ly xx

anonymous said:

oh, and fore head kisses and i will make you laugh till you pee yourself. And um... lets just say that you helped me through a really though time. you made me smile and push through the day and your also like SUPER SUPER SUPER gorgeous and just mmmm

aw baby. ;—-; <3 
I love you so much!!!! <3 I’ll always be here for you if you need me!

anonymous said:

Daddy loves his kitten, even if she's sad, daddy's not going anywhere <3

aw daddy..I love you so much

anonymous said:

Hi, I just want to let you know that I think you are so beautiful, and I have you're photo as my lock screen because I strive to be as flawless as you. Keep slaying 💜💜💜 ✌️

thank you so much you little angel, come off anon and be my best friend ily

anonymous said:

You can't change the past you can only change the future don't give up stay strong i love you

Aw, thank you! I love you so much! <3

Why as a generation are we not being told we are worth something?? I don’t mean “aw sweetie I love you you mean so much to me!!” I mean you- whoever is reading this, you are worth more than what you have been told. sleeping around, doing drugs, screwing your life up just to make a statement? why? Life isn’t just about right now and it’s not about five years from now or when I’m an actual adult and can do whatever the fuck I want. Life is about you, me, other people, life around you, actually CARING about something, so many things that I don’t even know cause you know what? I’m young, I’m not gonna pretend I know everything but what I do know is our generation has been fed so many lies about what we’re worth and what we can accomplish. why is the highest standard adults have for us is to screw everything that breathes and smoke anything we can? why aren’t we being told that we can do better? What happened to standing by what you believe? This generation has been taught that conforming and following fads is not only okay but that it’s the only way we will survive. Why can’t we be the generation that is told that it’s good to stick to your opinion, that your favorite bands aren’t based on what’s the new fad. why can’t we have archetypes not stereotypes?

Hello, everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been on all day, this has honestly been one of the most hectic and horrible days I’ve ever had to go through. I’m here now, and I’m so happy to see the dash moving! I have no classes tomorrow, so I’ll be on all day. Now, I’m going to be jumping between this and my character’s account, so feel free to send in anything you might have, whether it be questions or apps!

Aw, I love you all so much.


beautyandthebreakdown-dreams said:

Hi beautiful, it's your birthday 🎊🎈 So happy birthday, I love you tons!!!! I hope your day goes incredibly well. You deserve to smile😊

AW CHANEL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU ❤️ you’re the sweetest 😊

everykissbeginswithkaryn said:

Babeer, I love you so fucking much. I just wanna let you know that I think you are one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me and I don't know how I'd be or where I'd be if we hadn't met. I am so grateful to know you and have you be such a massive part of my life. There will never be a day that I won't be in love with you or love you.

Aw I love you so fucking much too baby.

ohanaa-stitch said:

I love you Kaiesha. You're one of my bestest friends ever and I wish you a long life of happiness and everlasting love. You are my beautiful weirdo <3

Aw I love you so much my lovely, miss you 💕

fleshandbone-imarollingstone said:

Hi Your blog makes me v happy and you and your boyfriend get me so pumped for mine to visit this winter wowie but seriouly youre beautiful and im gonna stab the next person whos rude to you ok

omgomg im so excited for youuuu!!! :’) hope you have an amazing time together! and thank you so much omg youre the cutest aw aw awww i love you so much ok xxx

anonymous said:

Damn I miss it every time you're online :( but basically, I miss you a lot a lot a lot, and you're really cool and I hope everything's been going okay for you? What's new in your life? Have you written anything lately? Did you see 5sos preform Pizza at the hob? I think I died a little. Anyway, this is just me wanting to talk to you, so that's all. Bye ily and I'm sending you virtual hugs cause you're such a cutie #idkwhatthiswas #ohwell

Aw hey cutie I love you so so much!! I’m doing pretty well, only 3 weeks into school and I’ve already made a lot of bad decisions and figured out that boys are dumb and useless but hey that’s life. I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the Mr. Irwin one shot, and no I haven’t seen the performance omfG WHAT.

How are you babes?? :) I’ll try to get on here more often!