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Favorite Movie?

Grand Budapest Hotel.

Favorite Super Hero?


Any pets? 


Favorite Outdoor Avtivity?

I like walking the most tbh

How many times a day do you go on tumblr?

um 10+

Hogwarts House?

according to my sign hufflepuff, but i think slytherin or ravenclaw (basically not gryffindor)

Favorite sweet?


Do your milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard?

yup and their better than yours tbh

X-men or Avengers?

maybe a couple months ago i wouldve said avengers but i really appreciate how xmen represents repressed people everywhere so xmen

Indoors or Outoors?


Any secret talents?

im really good at math? 

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My eleven new questions:

DC or Marvel?

Batman or Spiderman?

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Sprinkles or no?

Cake or Cookies?

Ice Cream or Milkshakes?

YouTube or Netflix?

Twitter or Facebook?

Vine or Instagram?

Texting or Calling?

Movies or TV?

anonymous said:

How often does my muse masterbate?
(Since no muse was specified, I’ll answer with both)

Flesh-Thief: “To be perfectly honest love, not all that often.” Shrugging, she gestured to herself with a flick of her clawed hand. “I mean, in this first form, I don’t even have the bits for such avtivities. And I do not take on my secondary form regularly.” Looking back up at the anon, she gave them a quick wink. “But sexual activities are So to n’t the only way I can get my rocks off. speak~”

Aleeka: “Why do you need to know that?!” The host complained, hating this overwhelming urge that kept her talking about such private stuff. Begrudgingly, looking away while crossing her arms, she mumbled out, “twoorthreetimesaweek…”

anonymous said:

i'm so tired with people fightin over grant being let go. like he's said many problematic things on twitter over the years, come across as rude to lot of people and he definitely was warned. he had to be told to be careful with his tweets. to be honest i was surprised that it took so long to fire him (i mean if he was). but i wouldn't read much into caitlin not tweeting, she's not very avtive on twitter and often goes long without tweeting anything. we'll see if they'll be at the vmas with tay