Bandaids Insider Issue #1 Released

The fans at just released a new magazine that will be available as a free digital edition and a hard copy, from which ALL the money will go to The Avril Lavigne Foundation.

• It is a magazine of about 60 pages
• Contains three posters
• A segment highlighting the 10 years of our journey with Avril
• Random ‘Let Go’ quotes
• Avril Trivia
• Guess the Bandaids member
• A Bandaids playlist
• Exclusive Interview with Evan Taubenfeld

The magazine: Bandaids Insider | Debut Issue | HP MagCloud

The magazine’s site (includes the donate-o-meter and information): Avril Lavigne Bandaids Insider Magazine |

(sorry if you cannot read it well, anyway, here’s the text version)

Sony Italy confirms Smile as second single too. 
They said the date of the shooting of the video and the date of the release are already decided and RCA took smile as second single cause of the great results that WTH is having these weeks in charts, especially in USA and europe (particularly in France and German)
Avril first started to think smile as a possible second single and then RCA approved her decision. Cause as we knew RCA wanted WYWH as second single.
Smile’s video should come in the next weeks. I think at the end of April.

So let’s stop thinking about Avril being controlled by her label, or about the label trying to destroy Avril’s career. The decision of Smile as second single was made by Avril, then approved by RCA. Her label at first wanted WYWH as single.


Avril Lavigne on the Great Wall and the first show for the Black Star Tour.