• Spock (to an admiral in an episode of TOS):For the record I must say that your decision was arbitrary.
  • Avoxsus:Damn! Spock must have balls of steel!
  • Me:I bet they clack when he walks around.
  • Me:I mean, he must have to have special pants made, otherwise those balls banging together would destroy the fabric.
  • Buckle:Given that these are Spock's balls we're talking about, I bet they're like those Newton's balls and the force exuded on one transfers to the other and so on and so forth- very logical.
  • Avoxsus:Are you trying to tell me... that Spock's balls are a modern scientific marvel?

Sometimes I think about my roommates and my friends and I’m like… wow I got so lucky. Because I’m surrounded by these utterly fantastic, totally ridiculous people who make my life a better place just by being in it. We mess with each other, and tease each other mercilessly, and we build adult-sized pillow-forts in our living room, and sit inside them watching TV fireplaces and 80’s movies, eating junk food and debating ships and it’s just… this is what family is supposed to feel like, isn’t it?

I swear to god, I live with Tumblr.

I was in one of our closets getting some art supplies out and when one of my roommates closed the door behind me. I burst out of the closet and Waffles was standing right outside the door so I started yelling at her, but mid yell, my other roommate, Deanna comes running through the hallway between us yelling “Loki’d!”

Furthermore when I went back to my room, I discovered that there was a box of Suddenly Pasta Salad stuck into the window over my door.