❊ a regret my muse has about your muse

They were both people with incredibly understandable motives if one took the opportunity to look a little bit deeper than ‘they tried to kill their fathers’. And their personalities both meshed and clashed in the most interesting of ways.

She and Mordred would have been rather compatible as master and servant.

It’s a thought that she’s held for a while now, ever since she reacted so badly to discovering that someone had managed to summon a famous golem creator, whether it be Avicebron or the Maharal of Prague. How unforgivable she found it that someone else could summon something that she was so confident that she would be compatible with.

Why hadn’t she reacted the same way when she figured out that a necromancer, no matter how talented, had summoned the knight of treachery?

The golem creator says nothing for a moment as she stares at the shorter blonde, the soft smirk and occasional chuckle surprisingly absent. And when she finally does say it, it’s quiet, genuinely sincere and somewhat mournful.


“If only I had been the one to summon you, oh treacherous knight, we could have truly been great together.”