Character Info:


Avianne:  hair color:light blond       eye color:light blue-gray     age:16

height:6 feet 2 inches         fashion/stye:punk rebel androgynous chik

favorite color:blue

likes:boots, cats, cars, punk rock, electricty, vintage, microwave popcorn

dislikes:rats, stupid people, pop music, early morning classes, chocolate icecream

info:Avianne has a younger brother and baby sister,he has a puppy name Lancelot, he likes driving his old black mustang convertible. His mother is an artist his father is an architect. His younger brother is 11 years old his baby sister is 2 years old. Some strange things about Avianne. He was struck by lightning at the age of 6 years old. Ever since he’s had a strange ability to manipulate electricty. He seems to be able to cause and control lightning storms. He can omit strong electrical charges out of his body, namely his hands, and his eyes. He seems to be able to control weather, and control inanimate objects.


why is there always at least one person on here wanting to ruin someone’s fucking relationship. like I’m sorry you can’t have your own but think twice before trying to mess mine up. yeah I’m happy for once and if you can’t stand it then BYE. last time I checked, your name wasn’t Avianne’ nor Crystal.

gayyest said:


15:Favorite movie:
I have so many ranging from like harry potter (all of them) to mean girls to shrek to the breakfast club….I can`t choose just one!

33:What words make me feel the best about myself
When people compliment me on what I do (like school work, or my work ethic) when they mention how they can see my passion or my kindness. Stuff like that makes me feel the best about myself!

40:Who I wish I could be
If I had to choose to be someone I would wanna know what it was like to be…Maybe someone famous or with a lot of power like a president, or prime minister…or some super famous celeb no one in particular
I am perfectly happy being me :)

Thanks for the questions Avianne!