average worker

the signs working at mcdonalds

aries: yells next please really loud
taurus: average underpaid mcd worker
gemini: gets annoyed when u ask for extra ketchup
cancer: gives u the wrong change
leo: “thank you for shopping at your local mcdonalds”
virgo: the only one who actually knows what they’re doing
libra: has no idea how to work the till
scorpio: judges u for ordering normal coke instead of diet
sagittarius: deliberately gives u small fries when u ordered medium
capricorn: that cleaner who swears at u under their breath
aquarius: forgets like half of your order
pisces: makes u repeat everything 50x before they hear it


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Wiley - Average Worker.

We’re already used to seeing the regulars on Fox’s Cashin’ In attacking minimum wage workers and and supporting companies that want a race to the bottom on wages and claiming that we don’t need the government to interfere because the “free market” will take care of everything instead.

So what happens when a business decides to buck the trend we’ve seen where CEO pay is hundreds of times higher than the average worker at most companies, and actually pay all of their workers at least $70 thousand a year? They go on the attack, of course.

After a lead in explaining what Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price announced this week and showing some snippets of interviews with him, here’s how host Eric Bolling started things off on this Saturday’s show:

BOLLING: Okay Michelle, thoughts on this guy? Personally I think he’s a socialist, but your thoughts?

Yes, or course he must be a “socialist” to believe in pay equity.

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No other wealthy and industrialized nation in the world has a healthcare and education epidemic like we do nor a staggering amount of income inequality as we do. The average CEO now makes a 354 to 1 ratio salary to the average full time worker. 50% of all workers over 25 make under the minimum wage which if adjusted with inflation would amount to around $30 p/hr. The top 1% has obtained 95% of all wealth in this country and Fortune 500 companies now make an average of $42k per employee. At what point does this wealth “trickle down”?

We must stop favoring plutocratic Politicians who keep telling us corporations are “people” too. And we must stop believing that unions are bad because they bankrupt businesses when they are the only Democratic means for an employee’s voice in the workplace. Can we please just diminish the 1950s Red Scare tactics of the ultra-rich who brainwashed Americans not only into endless War but into delusion that the ideologies of Socialism and Communism are a singular Tyrannical entity; without actually attempting to understand the complete differences between the two. Adopting from these ideologies we have privileges such as social security, medicaid/care, public parks, workman’s comp, 40 hour work weeks and salaries, so why stop there?

We must bring Democracy back from the dead and into the hands of the majority, not the few. They keep reminding us that Corporations are the ones who provide jobs for the working class. “A rising tide lifts all boats”? Yeah, if everyone actually had a boat. How about, “a rising tide sends all jobs overseas”?

It’s exciting to see someone who is a brave enough to stand up to the abusive policies of those who have deteriorated the working class for their own benefits. And who will ask each of his opponents who they’re working for: Us or Them? Even if he doesn’t win, he’s going to shove it in every single one their faces. Democrat or Republican.


A Brief History Of Collateral Damage

Title:  A Brief History Of Collateral Damage

Fandom: Marvel (Avengers/Amazing Spiderman/Deadpool)

Word Count: 2.430

Warnings: Swearing

Summary:  Does anyone ever think about what happens after the Superheroes fought their Villains? Often whole cities get destroyed…but who has to take care of the destruction?
Accompany Stan Havoc, an average insurance worker, and find out what it´s like to live with the collateral damage of the great “Heroes”.

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Australian workers’ living standards falling, think tank warns

A new report outlines how Australian workers’ living standards are falling, with real wages going backwards in 2013 for the first time in over a decade.

The report by progressive think tank Per Capita finds that the average worker saw a $118 fall in the purchasing power of their pay in 2013, as wages failed to keep pace with inflation.

Full Story: ABC

Tumblr at work

So I am watching this training video about being overwhelmed with all these social media options at home (and work as this is work related crap). Then they mention Tumblr as a social Media.. I was actually surprised that they think the average worker at a large insurance company uses Tumblr!!

Good thing they don’t know what is on MY TUMBLR!

people who go study fields that are obviously ideologically biased and then treat what they’re taught there like the gospel truth, something objective, indisputable and undeniable and call people with varying points of view who challenge it “uneducated” are much more intellectually deficient than an average physical worker after like six years of primary school.

AP Calculus AB and BC

The exams are in 15-20 days, using AP Kaplan 2015 study exam book, doing average, hard worker. Please say everything you know about the exam, or any study tips, or things you have to be sure to know how to do, mainly tips. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I will give you a follow for a reply!

consider thug!takano. consider thug takano jumping onodera but failing because his friend haitani is an asshole who insists on making these jobs harder than they should be. consider thug takano breaking into onodera’s apartment while he’s out, planning on making him keep quiet about it, but onodera’s neighbor from across the street, chiaki, saw takano scaling the fire escape and calls onodera to tell him, hey, some thug is scaling your fire escape should i call the police? but onodera’s father is a police officer who was against onodera moving to the city in the first place since he didn’t trust ritsu to be out on his own. onodera’s only been living there as an average office worker for a month and he simply can’t ask someone else for help just because he’s having some street trouble with a thug. he tries to resolve the situation by himself and takano, never one for unnecessary violence, finds it hilarious when onodera bursts into his own apartment, brandishing chiaki’s (unlicensed) hand gun like he knows how to use it, especially since the safety’s still on. 

Do not call a fast food job easy 

until you can make a burger in under 90 seconds.

Do not call a fast food job easy

When people are frustrated to the point of tears because

thoughtless customers are screaming at kids

who are trying to prepare food, help other waiting customers, restocking, and cleaning, and prepping for other meals.

Do not call a fast food job easy

When hard working individuals come in early even though they work 60 hours on average because lazy workers won’t pull their weight

Do not call a fast food job easy

When thoughtless customers think it’s funny to pull pranks on them

throw ice cream at them

laugh into the order microphone asking for something they don’t have

cleaning up your hangover puke

Do not call fast food easy

when you make it difficult

Do not call fast food easy

because it’s easy to watch