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well i was nominated!!!! by avengersageofultron i think!! and i am an asshole so i nomimate!!!:
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「Black Widow - crooked past ☭ 

anonymous said:

Eve, I have prompts but I don't know who to go since you don't get them?

avengersasssemble, tony-starks-nipples and iwritestony definitely are… erm… I can’t remember if kurowrites is taking prompts, but you can ask, and also theappleppielifestyle might be?

Is there anyone else? Feel free to pimp yourselves out if you want a crack at a new prompt :) 

hotmessbucky replied to your post: anonymous said:if seb stan’s nipp…

why would u tell your grandma that omg

avengersageofultron replied to your post: anonymous said:if seb stan’s nipp…

…you told your grandma

OKAY I CAN EXPLAIN see my parents were out of town and my grandma was with me and we were walking the dog and i was trying to explain what the whole ice bucket challenge business was and i was pulling up vids on m y phone of hemsworth and evans doing it and i was like yeah evans nominated sebssseresrsresrsrsrssesers and she was like “oh thats that guy that fucked up ur life” and im liKE THATS THE ONE and then i said his nipples were gonna explode and explained to her the theory of that