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so like basically its the term aven came up with for like “platonic friend crush” but its just so alienating and it sounds like a yaoi sound effect and like ugh theres so much wrong with it like the idea that asexuals cant use the word crush and also the idea that calling someone “best friends” isnt enough they need a word MORE than that if you are asexual since thats the closest relationship you’ll ever have i guess

its just a terrible term like it deligitimatizes best friends and hypersexualizes “crushes” and its awful and i hate it and like i know youre new to the community but its full of issues id just like stay to the sidelines and not get involved because theres politics in everything and its tiresome

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what i. h aven’t heard about this yet omg really when?? are there other companions u can punch in the face or is it just them. can u only punch mages. if so why do u not punch vivienne also. go for the combo. i’m so confused

i believe you can only punch those two! (so unfortunately only mages)
but you can also make cassandra disapprove of you enough to actually drive her to drinking and it’s awful? but omg you gotta see these how could you ever let these things happen

here’s solas

here’s dorian

here’s cassandra if you were interested

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its an asexual community thing like as a joke someone once on aven (which is actually a trash site but is unfortunately the main asexuality resource on the internet) was like “its generally accepted that asexuals prefer cake to sex” which was funny

but then it like escalated into this like asexual meme of trollface proportions like it was everywhere you could no escape posts about asexuality and cake it was just out of hand like i like cake but fuckin chill

and there’s this one post on tumblr where someone is like “im pansexual and i live with my asexual fiance who is just generally excited about dragons”

and like every asexual person ive seen reblog it is like “same i love dragons” so that kinda became a meme where asexuals care more about dragons than sex

but its a much more low key meme and dragons are always cool so 

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) is performing a large-scale survey.

We are looking for any respondents who are part of the asexual spectrum, as well as people who are not part of the asexual spectrum. This survey includes some sensitive questions about sexual topics. Please distribute this announcement.

The survey is open for some time. Later, statistical results will be published, providing crucial information about the demographics and needs of asexual-spectrum people.

The survey can be accessed here.

My ace pride includes disabled aces.
My ace pride includes asexual abuse survivors.
My ace pride includes aromantic people.
My ace pride includes sex-repulsed and celibate aces.

My ace pride doesn’t encourage aces to “compromise” in romantic relationships by agreeing to sex.
My ace pride doesn’t present this “compromise” as something non-aces can reasonably expect or ask for from ace partners.
My ace pride doesn’t prioritize the able-bodied, the romantic, or the neurotypical.