For any international viewers (or anyone else who wants to stream):

Link for live stream of tonight’s episodes

Links for international live stream of Night of a Thousand Stars/Harmonic Convergence AND (possibly glitchy) finale

How to watch outside of the US

And I’ll be reblogging more resources as they pop up on my dash.

hecticsnow replied to your post:whoa you are amazing! the second episode came out like a day ago, how do you already have the cosplay for dark Korra?

wait i wanna see this cosplayyyyy. did I miss it saturday?

I wore it Friday and I’m going to be wearing it today!  Come check out the fan panel this afternoon, I’ll be there!

avatarlegends replied to your post:whoa you are amazing! the second episode came out like a day ago, how do you already have the cosplay for dark Korra?

shit it’s 8am

I’ve been up for an hour. 

anonymous said:

can you recommend some good atla/lok blogs


beautiful graphics/gif-makers
ohmykorra, makofied, avatarious, legnedofkorra, 16stolenxpaperthin, spoopy-korra, korratea, korrastyle, heartcoma, makos-lightningrod, forevergirlkorra, avatarparallels, korrasane

beautiful writers
motherofavatars, jinlian, steinbecks, kowabungalow, ironinkpen, ebonynightwriter, fireferretfuzzies, trylanaire, objectivemistress, heyyymako-oh, basingtei, kwongs, bobbityhobbity, elementalavatarspinkaffinity, nuktuk

beautiful artists
vvivaa, walkingnorth, l-a-l-o-u, la-vaniteuse, sherbies, elventhespian, an-endless-secret, linbeifong, pencilpaperpassion, erimero, beroberos, birabu, kathuon

beautiful blogs
equalistmako, chongthenomad, korra-naga, jeong-jeong, eskalations, mako-of-steel, mak-o, makowl, mako, owldee, korraah, metalclan, laurabundin, msmakorra, aangsavedtheworld, cloudbabies, korraava, aangsspirit, cainora, hauntedairnations, spiritsbender, polarbeardog, 0fficermako, avatar-fangirl, opalbeifongs, secretsecrettunnel, adorkablezuko, feetoph, korralogy, aangshair, humanraava, beitong, tophsbeifongs, korraspirit, avatarlegends, princeszuko, grumpko, tenpinbolin welovekorra

myotakuwonderland, zaofus (writer), zukoshonour, amillion-smiles (writer), tophbeithong (writer)

i’m 109% sure i missed like a million people and for that i’m so very sorry. i tried to include blogs that post maybe 85% or more atla/lok but again, this covers maybe 1/10000000 of the blogs in this wonderful fandom. hope this helped though!

Bolded Names Are Mutuals  Italicized Names are my Personal Favorites


aangrolls aangtics avatar-fangirl @avatarlegends avatarparallels baby-saber-tooth-moose-lion babybisonss basingtei bobbityhobbity bopalin bphrey bryankonietzko


fanbending fantastic-nonsense fireferretfanatic forevergirlkorra gale-of-the-nomads harmoniccconvergence i-dont-care-what-your-spoopin ifyougottheblood jinorablogs kai-nora korra-ships-kainora korrapuffs kuno-chan 


ladyzukos lokconfession makos-lightningrod metalclan michaeldantedimartino nuktuk officialkainora outlawedairnomad projectvoicebend sokkascactusjuice spiritsbender thethiefandtheairbender theuhvatarstate

Sorry If I missed anyone! This was my 1st follow forever so im not sure if I did that right… BUT THANK YOU GUYS FOR 300 FOLLOWERS THIS IS AMAZING  \(◕‿◕✿)/

original cover art by karhnii

Legend Of Korra Key Facts!
  •  Targeting Kids 6-11, P12-24

  • The original Avatar creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are back as the creative team behind Korra

  •  The series is broken up into 2 books (Air & Spirits, 13 episodes each) — each having its own story arc and lead villain

  •  Korra’s airbending instructor, Tenzin, is the son of Aang and Katara.

  • The show comes with a large, passionate active fan base — there are over 2.4 million Facebook fans from the Avatar and Korra pages combined

  •  Most-watched animated series premiere on Nickelodeon US in 3 years, captivating 4.5 million viewers

  •  Performance top with kids, tweens, teens, adults and total viewers

  • Excelled with both T9-11 and T12-14 segments

  • #1 rated animated series premiere ever on Nick with males 18-49
    Source: Nielsen