I’m actually a little over 1.4k but it’s ok. Anyways I saw a bunch of people doing follow forevers so I thought, hey why not so here it is! URLs in bold are mutuals and URLs that are italicized are super rad blogs that you should totally check out. I apologize if I forgot anyone but you can always check out my blogroll. Okay here we go!


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Finally a special tribute to k-y-h-u who’s account got hacked and deleted but no matter what she will always be on my follow forevers. Hopefully she’ll come back soon!

For any international viewers (or anyone else who wants to stream):

Link for live stream of tonight’s episodes

Links for international live stream of Night of a Thousand Stars/Harmonic Convergence AND (possibly glitchy) finale

How to watch Nick.com outside of the US

And I’ll be reblogging more resources as they pop up on my dash.

Alright alright alright! So, I promised you guys for awhile now that I would make a follow forever. I apologize for taking so long, I’ve been caught up in school work and other obstacles in life, but it’s here! I finally made it!

I want to say a big thank you to all of my followers for sticking by this blog for so long and if you’re new here, thanks for joining us! (; I hope this blog continues to satisfy all of your fanboy or fangirl needs!

So without further ado here’s a list of amazing ATLA and or LOK blogs! These blogs post great content, reblog great content, and do an awesome job of informing the fandom of updates! Go follow them, show them some love, and let them know I set ya!  Enjoy! (:



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Q-Z (#)

scarredprince l  shingekinokataang l thetalesofbasingse l welovekorrawhitejadeflower l zukothefirelords l zuzuthefirelord l 16stolenxpaperthin

**NOTE: if you’re not on this list and we interact a lot/ you know I follow you then I accidentally forgot you, I apologize in advance! Also if you’re not on this list then I probably don’t know you or your blog all that well so don’t feel bad! There are many quality blogs out there but I haven’t discovered them all!

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  • url: korratic
  • real life name: A name just like any other name…
  • nickname: Jackie, Candy
  • birthday: April 9th
  • gender: of the female persuasion 
  • sexuality: Zuko’s abs and Jet’s eyebrow game
  • height: 5’2”
  • time zone: eastern time
  • local time & date: 4:46pm, sunday august 31
  • average hours of sleep a night: lol
  • last thing googled: “why did kendall jenner drop her last name”… feel free to judge me
  • most used phrases: YASSSS
  • first word that comes to mind: teriyaki 
  • what i last said to family member: “take me out of this group chat right now”
  • one place that makes me happy & why: the beach. I don’t know, I’ve always loved the beach/ocean. It’s calming and beautiful.
  • how many blankets i sleep under: 2
  • favorite beverage: gatorade
  • the last movie i watched in cinemas: 22 Jump Street
  • three things i can’t live without: candy, tumblr, photoshop
  • something i plan on learning: how to do a backflip. I will learn even if it kills me.
  • a piece of advice to my followers: just try your hardest in all that you do and be civil/nice to people. that’s all there really is to it. 
  • you all have to listen to this song: For the Better by Max Brodie, Oceans by Hillsong United, Go Do by Jonsi, Heat of Courage by Two Steps from Hell, and A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. Sorry couldn’t pick just one! :x

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! Its cool. (:

Legend Of Korra Key Facts!
  •  Targeting Kids 6-11, P12-24

  • The original Avatar creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are back as the creative team behind Korra

  •  The series is broken up into 2 books (Air & Spirits, 13 episodes each) — each having its own story arc and lead villain

  •  Korra’s airbending instructor, Tenzin, is the son of Aang and Katara.

  • The show comes with a large, passionate active fan base — there are over 2.4 million Facebook fans from the Avatar and Korra pages combined

  •  Most-watched animated series premiere on Nickelodeon US in 3 years, captivating 4.5 million viewers

  •  Performance top with kids, tweens, teens, adults and total viewers

  • Excelled with both T9-11 and T12-14 segments

  • #1 rated animated series premiere ever on Nick with males 18-49
    Source: Nielsen


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  • url: avatarlegends
  • real life names: A bunch 
  • nickname: AL
  • birthday: everyday 
  • gender: multi-gendered 
  • sexuality: multi-sexual 
  • height: thousands of feet (collectively)
  • time zone: every time zone
  • local time & date: hard to say
  • average hours of sleep a night: varies
  • last thing googled: avatarlegends.net
  • most used phrases: RIP IT!
  • first word that comes to mind: avatarlegends
  • what we last said to a family member: “I can’t come to dinner because my online family are fighting about Korra’s character development”
  • one place that makes us happy & why: avatarlegends.net, cause it’s pretty. 
  • how many blankets we sleep under: over 9000
  • favorite beverage: water-based ones 
  • the last movie we watched in cinemas: N/A
  • three things we can’t live without: Facebook, Tumblr, Forum 
  • something we plan on learning: probending 
  • a piece of advice to our followers: Post news!  It’s easy and extremely beneficial to your blog’s growth. 
  • you all have to listen to this song: “Peaceful Place” by Jeremy Zuckerman

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