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About the blushing thing, I remember Toph blushing when Katara said she was pretty. Because she wasn't comfortable with her looks.

I had somehow convinced myself that I imagined this after failing to find it in ASN’s screenshots, but…

This one from Dongbu Feng clearly shows a blush that isn’t part of her makeup.

That whole situation seems even more ridiculous now.  >_>;

Expectations: Part One (Kataang)

This is my first time posting any of my long fanfics anywhere. It’s just chapter one and who knows, maybe I will post part two with encouragement.   
Rating: T
Word count: 2,000+
Summary: Katara’s worried about what the future holds for her and Aang, now that they are expecting, especially when she has no idea what to expect herself.

          It was no surprise to anyone who knew Katara and Aang that they were getting married and even then it was obvious to passersby that they were truly in love. Owning to the fact that they were soul mates… that their destiny was meant to be before they themselves were even a thought, their union was one of the happiest and most daring adventures of their lives. The only thing that could have possibly made it more special was a child.

          Of course as the last airbender, Aang was expected to fulfill his duties in bringing his people and culture back to balance the rest of the world. Not only in his duty as the last airbender but also in his duty as the avatar.

          There was no doubt in either of their minds that they would someday bring children into this broken world that they were fixing together, it was just a matter of when.

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The Worst Finale... EVER

The finale left me feeling sick and cold inside. I hated the ending with such a deep passion that it made me really rethink the entire Korra series thus far. And what I have concluded is that it was nothing more than fan service and attention-grabbing tactics. There was ZERO reading comprehension on the writer’s part. No resolution for many key conflicts. Why wasn’t Book 4 about Korra reconnecting the past Avatar lives? Who was Suyin’s father? Why was Suki never mentioned once? What happened to Sokka? Why was it all about the shippings? Why weren’t there any red herrings? No foreshadowing? No justice for the villains?

There was zero conclusion. Too many answers left blank. The Last Airbender did a terrific job by leaving very few questions unanswered. Korra felt rushed and as if they were desperately trying to promote an agenda for popularity and brownie points. The tone of the whole series of Korra, minus Book 1, has been discordant and unorganized compared to the Last Airbender’s. The writing was poorly done and poorly executed. It was very hard to sympathize or identity with many of these characters, while even the Cabbage Man and the Foaming Guy in the original series have stolen our hearts. Honestly, how many of us even remember Yakone? Crickets…

There was only one couple I supported, only one that I truly believed and observed to be truly, honestly CANON. I always saw Korra and Mako reuniting. They balance each other perfectly. I never saw the perversion that was Korrasami as canon - EVER. I only ever saw them as sisters and frankly, I’m disgusted that the writers did this to such a great story. It’s ruined the whole show for me. Now, I only consider Book 1 of Korra to be canon and legit, because how can anyone in their right mind think of anything else in the series as good writing and loyal storytelling? 

Thanks for nothing, Bryan and Mike. Congratulations. You won your popularity and gained unprecedented attention to The Legend of Korra, but at the cost of your integrity. Shame on you.

RIP Korra.

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Why do you think the body goes into the Avatar State if it knows it's dying or injured? The AS provides an obvious boost, but I don't know why the body would go into the AS automatically if it's on its way out.. You'd think that if the body was severely injured past the point of no return, that Raava wouldn't be able to be summoned at all to prevent the Avatar Cycle from dying with the body while its in the Avatar State. When Wan died on screen his body didn't go into the AS to save him >.>

Under normal circumstances, I don’t think dying triggers the Avatar State — if it did, there’s no way there’d be an Avatar ten thousand years later!

Instead, I think the poison itself triggered the Avatar State, possibly due to its ability to induce terrifying hallucinations.  And, of course, without the poison’s effects, it’s likely that the Avatar could choose to drop out of the Avatar State even if it did trigger.

Say what you will about the Avatar franchise, but remember that it started with a girl of colour calling out her brother for being sexist and ended with a multiracial queer couple walking hand in hand into the golden light of a new era, and there aren’t many shows around at the moment which can top that.

"Can we stop calling [children’s cartoon show] a show for kids now?”

Can you stop being so fucking embarrassed about watching a children’s cartoon? Can you accept the fact that you fall outside the show’s marketed demographic and that’s perfectly okay? Can you realize that mature themes exist in children’s cartoons too and doesn’t automatically make them for adults only?