so me and toastyhat were talking about what type of bender the trolls would be from the ATLA/Korraverse and we came up with this:

Karkat: the Avatar (an airbending avatar because good guy angry airbender would be fun to write/draw)

Aradia: Earthbender 

Tavros: Airbender 

Sollux: Firebender (he’d be a good lightning bender I think)

Nepeta: Earthbender

Kanaya: Earthbender, however she can’t bend; thinkin’ of her being part of the Kyoshi warriors

Terezi: Earthbender

Vriska: Waterbending (one word: BLOODBENDER) 

Equius: nonbender, but an archer for the fire nation 

Gamzee: airbender (for me personally flippin’ back and forth between him being a bender or nonbender; it is funny imagining him lazily riding an air scooter xD)

Eridan: Waterbender (but he doesn’t bend; also he’d be a prince in one of the poles)

Feferi: Waterbender (she’d be the princess of the other one; also toasty pointed out how since Feferi can heal, she’s definitely a stronger candidate for the Water tribe xD)

fleshbutt-apocalypse tagged me to answer these:

name: nivedha
nickname: no
birthday: may 2nd
star sign: taurus
gender: genderfluid
height: 155 cm
sexual orientation: pansexual
romantic orientation: probably panromantic?
favourite colour: pastel yellow
time and date currently: 11:23 am, 22.05.2015
average hours of sleep: 8
lucky number: 11
last thing i googled: scooty pep
first word that comes to mind: cookies
one place that makes me happy: my garden
how many blankets i sleep under: one
favourite fictional character: either zuko or kuroo tetsurou ;a;
favourite famous person: mathias lillmåns probably
celebrity crush: mathias lillmåns ;_;
favourite books: harry potter
favourite animes: haikyuu!!, death parade, noragami, gekkan shoujou nozaki-kun, ouran high school host club, free!
favourite tv shows: avatar: the last airbender, the legend of korra, agent carter, parks and rec, modern family, seinfeld
favourite musicians/bands: *suddenly forgets all the bands i’ve ever listened to* death, finntroll, turisas, metallica, carach angren, nightwish, kreator, megadeth, wintersun
favourite games: pokemon platinum (i’ve only recently hopped on the videogame bandwagon don’t beat me up)
last movie: age of ultron
dream holiday: the world tbh
dream job: writer
wearing right now: cargo shorts, t shirt
last book i read: “graceling”, kristin cashore

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10 Favorite Characters

Sorry this took forever to get time to do, but I’m doing it now XD
I was tagged by actual-lion-laura :)

1. Sherlock Holmes (ACD or BBC Sherlock)
2. Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender)
3. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
4. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
5. Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
6. Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13)
7. Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
8. Merlin (Merlin)
9. Trillian (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
10. Asami Sato (Legend of Korra)

I’ll tag… sapphiremelody, strawberrrylips, asherwhy, and diariesofanacedude

1) Why did you choose your URL?
It was so,eating I came up with while writing my first fanfiction waaay back in the day, it’s based off of the Agni Kai firebending duels in avatar the last airbender, an animated series that first aired back in 2005 and my blog is in dedication to this show and its second series the legend of korra
2) What is your middle name?
My middle name is Karlen after Karl Marx and Lennon, it’s the name I go by, not because I don’t like my first name, but because my mothers side of the family all go by their middle names :3
3) What fairytale/fictional pet would you have?
A polar bear dog, they’re beautiful and I’m a dog person already, so a dog you can ride? Sign me up!
4) Favorite color?
5) Favorite song?
Breath me by sia
6) What are your top three fandoms?
Lok/atla, carmilla and friends
7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
So much korrasami lol, I really enjoy getting in debates with people about the fandom, what would happen in this world if, how would they handle this situation ect. I love reading fanfics and seeing the fan art, and also shark my own fannon and theories.
8) Tag 9 followers to do the 8 questions challenge.

anonymous asked:

Aren't you disappointed the franchise hadn't protagonist journey to villain ? I know that's difficult to do and takes time but I wanted to see that. We had Zuko's redemption, so it would've been amazing that we have that. Perhaps with Katara. The bloodbending and the encounter with her mother's slaughterer was a good way to begin with.

Kuvira kind of counts, doesn’t she?  =P

If you’re talking about a series-long protagonist falling, though, I don’t think it really fits with the ethos of the franchise.  A:tLA and LoK are all about characters bettering themselves and becoming more balanced, and having one of them go in the other direction would feel uncharacteristically pessimistic.  It makes more sense for characters in a show like that to go to the edge and pull back than for them to turn into a full-on villain, I think.


It’s almost here everyone!

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Price Tiers
The fanzine will also come in two flavours! 

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Once the pre-order window closes, printing will take about 5 weeks and we’ll be aiming to start shipping to you in July. If there are any changes to this schedule, we will post the updates on this blog, so be sure to follow us for any updates! There are also only two of us handling the packaging and shipping, so please be patient!

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Cheers everyone!