avatar the last airbender

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to, but need to do.

Sometimes we will hurt ourselves.

Sometimes our past comes back to haunt us.

Sometimes we will feel lonely.

Sometimes we will be left alone.

Sometimes we feel trapped.

Sometimes our family goes against us.

Sometimes we will have to find our own path.

Sometimes our friends will go away.

Sometimes our loved ones will go away.

But we will always have something or someone that makes life worth living,

and that is always the answer.

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An amazing Kuvira AMV done by remyratio! Personally, I just love this and the way they made it. Kuvira is bae and this video shows exactly that.


I’m actually crying, this is so amazing!

Okay this is lovelyrugbee's screen cap of her working on the colors of That Night Tokka fanfic comics Page 07. (Sorry Jen and 3holmes if I didn’t wait for you to reply when I asked your permission to post this, but I guess there’s no harm, right? [^^]” )

lovelyrugbee is really doing a wonderful job at the colors, I take it that there are still few more pages to color since Part 2 consist of 14 pages. I hope guys will be a bit more patient ;D

I’m sure Part 2 is worth the wait ;)

We're Going to China!!!!

Thanks so much to all of our supporters!  We have tallied up your votes and are pleased to announce that we will be training with monks and taking calligraphy classes this summer at a Shaolin temple in Qufu, China to study Earth!!!  For the next few days we are accepting votes for our Fire destination so support our crowdfunding campaign to add your voice!

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anonymous asked:

am i late for the headcanons ? Azula was the founder of pro-bending i mean have you seen her playing volleyball ? it fits .

Its never a bad time for headcanons. Its always headcanon time.

And yes, I can see Azula being advised to find a “healthy” way to relieve some tension, and what’s better than annihilating your enemies opponents? And bonus, she gets her niece into probending and and becomes one of those crazy people who get waaaaaay into their team sports. She also calls Izumi Zuzu the Sequel.