Just waiting for the right partner.

This is what happens when I sketch at 2am. I figure if Steve gets Tony, Peggy should get Pepper. Don’t even ask me how it’d work, it just should.

I have to go to work in a few, but I wanted to post up the WIP of the personal piece I’m doing for fun. This thing would normally be more finished by now but…oh man, workload. Shoo. ;m;

Frigga and Loki for Reg. <3

BB, you are so giving and thoughtful that I wish I could do more for you all day every day. You put up with my spaciness and my short attention span, and you make us all so happy with your awesome sense of humor. (And many, many Namor asks) I was already trying to do this in SAI the other day, but since I couldn’t finish it up, I thought this would be more appropriate anyway. I’ll make you a prettier paintier one when I can. I love you girl. <33333