you guys remember how before ava made the pact wrathia would force her to say stuff? (hard to forget but just roll with me okay)



so i’ve been thinking.. what if Pedri does the same thing to Odin because he knows that Ava has Wrathia? 


he wouldn’t let his wife get away at the hands of two twelve year old girls


Have more unfinished paintings, this time of Ranunculae.

They’ve been sitting aside for some time and I felt kinda sad that I wasn’t going to work on them anymore.. so bam.

I’m really looking forward to her next appearance, although I’m sure she’s kinda… ‘out of the picture’ already. :C

au where ava tells maggie she’s gonna go on a date with someone and that she wanted maggie to go with her to get her hair done and find good date places like the park or the movies or a restaurant and test them out to see if they’re good enough for what ava’s looking for and then at the end of the day both of them had a rlly amazing time and ava says “the person i was gonna go on a date with was you, i was just too nervous to ask up front and i feel really bad for conning you into a date but i wish this night could go on forever”

maggie looks at ava and is completely baffled and then starts laughing rlly hard and is like “apology accepted. just next time try actually telling me we’re going on a date first so i can try and look my best, capisce?” and then she leans in and kisses ava and whispers “thanks for the good time cutie” 

oh no....(Tuls&Maggie's Pact Theory)

Okay so I was re-reading Chapter 10(which is one of my favorite chapters due to how pretty it is), and I noticed something that Tuls says to Maggie.


Notice how Tuls said “full pact”, instead of simply saying “…complete my half of the pact” or “complete the rest of the pact”? If we take “full pact” literally, then it means whole, fully, both pacts together…

Meaning that EVEN if Tuls gets to see Ranaculae, the pact may not be finished until(or unless)Maggie finds a “true love”(presuming that’s what she pacted for, or at least assistance in finding said lover).

Which isn’t very good. Maggie doesn’t seem to be very good at making an effort to keep her “catches”; Tuls even implies that Maggie abuses her magic flowers and uses them to keep her and the lover together, even when the relationship is falling apart. Maggie herself seems to be getting a bit desperate, clinging to Gil after one conversation, even admitting his glaring obsession to the TITAN inc., but still convinced he’s her soul mate.

HOPEFULLY, if foreshadowing is good at anything, then Star Person will end up fulfilling Maggie’s pact requirements(there’s been a few hints she and Star-eyes will get together…meaning she and Gil might not work out; unless polygamous? But then, Gil’s envy…). But there’s also been some hints that Maggie may end up as a monster of failure, and her bearing the weight of both Tuls’ and her own pacts.

TL;DR-Maggie may be all alone on her pact once the Seaweed ship sinks. All. Alone.