ava's demon

How drama in the ad fandom goes

1. someone says/draws something other people don’t like
2. people pick sides and begin to fight
3. People screech “THIS IS IT IM LEAVING THIS FANDOM IS DISGUSTING” and spam the tag with posts like that for a while
4. People forget about it and go back to posting normally
5. Wash, rinse, repeat

  • what the comic shows:nonbinary grunt followers that have explicitly been said to be nonbinary because they have given up their identity to Titan
  • what idiots interpret:Michelle hates trans people and thinks they have no real identity

gil was on a deserted planet for 8 years.
did he ever run out of toilet paper? where did he get food from. how did he get food. does he just. grow his own food because I think in one panels he has a vegetable garden? where does he get tea from? does he make the tea himself or does he buy teabags??? is there some yearly TITAN catalog of supplies that he orders stuff from? 
how does gil get money? did he have a job at 11 to pay for school??????
did gil have a job while he was on the school planet??? did he sell goddamn vegetables he grew in his garden??????