8-Bit Champions 

The 8-Bit Champions show held tonight in Paris was a huge success! The large turnout got to see some pretty awesome artwork in what has to be the most unique gallery I’ve seen to date. Chiptune music played while we got to play retro games on good ol’ fashioned consoles. It was pretty rad to hear Super Mario Bros echoing in a cave-like setting. More photos to come of artists featured in the show!

8-Bit Champions was produced and curated by CHOGRIN and Thomas Olivri (of Geek-Art), whom I had the pleasure of finally meeting in person. I learned a lot about what it takes to put a show like this together, and he truly made it an awesome experience for everyone.

The Invader - by Daisy Church

Papertoyz - by Kekli

Zelda - by RO

The Autumn Society graciously invited me to contribute to their Iconoclastic Dead Show! So what better a figure to honour than the master of muppets: Jim Henson?!

Like I posted over on the Society’s site, this man shaped my childhood with a bit of felt and a lot of heart. I’m lucky to have been exposed to his vision and hope this does him justice.


Watercolor & Ink

This is a piece for an upcoming exhibit at Brave New Worlds in Philadelphia, entitled “Sonic Generation”. I never really cared for Sonic after ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ but the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon never ceased to amuse me.

If you’re interested in attending the show, the address is:

Brave New Worlds (show starts at 6pm)

45 North 2nd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106