Aujourd’hui, premier test en anglais, pourquoi pas ? :)

(par Dovely) Manner are hazelnut-cream filled wafers from Vienna. If you are the “there’s no such thing as too sweet!” type…these are for you!

J’ai aimé : The subtle composition of crispy and creamy textures and the opera-like luxuriousness of the hazelnut flavor. Also the delicate break-away pieces that invite you to enjoy each bite ceremoniously. A true treat from the land of Mozart.

J’ai pas aimé : The package should come with a warning: to be enjoyed in moderation. The flavor is so rich and sugary that one little wafer too many could have you feeling sickly sweet.

Conclusion : I solemnly recommend this refined indulgence :)


Château de Schönbrunn, à Vienne (Autriche): la Gloriette.

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