Why tweed? Because tweed!

The always lively Lapo Elkann in one of his more sedate get ups. While spurting the usual marketing babble he shows off a pleasantly old-fashioned, soft tweed jacket that looks like it might have belonged to his great uncle Gianni Agnelli (but probably hasn’t) and a brown wool tie. Note the buttoning point on the jacket and the number of sleeve buttons, me gusta! Click to enlarge.


Alfa Romeo 4C Named ‘Drivers Car of the Year’ by Autoweek

The 4C emerged victorious over a group of finalists including fourteen new performance-oriented cars launched in the past year and subjected to to an intensive three-day shootout on the road and around a secret test track to ascertain which of those was the most pleasing to drive.

AutoWeek’s Drivers car of the year split the fourteen finalists into three groups: hot hatchbacks, sedans and sports cars to determine a winner of each group; with each winner going through to the podium and the final shootout.

The podium saw the Volkswagen Golf R emerging as Drivers hatchback of the year, the BMW M3 selected as the Drivers sedan of the year and the Alfa Romeo 4C chosen as the Drivers sports car of the year.

A further shootout between the three saw the Alfa Romeo 4C emerge as the overall Drivers car of the year 2015.

130H. The 1930′s Smart Forfour.

When comparing the technical twins Renault Twingo (2015) and the Swatch Mercedes Forfour (2015), I noticed that most people (especially petrol-heads) prefer the outdated look of the Twingo. So I ask myself, what’s so appealing about this car? The inside is very 2010, you can freshen up the outside with     stickers and if you’re curious, please take a look underneath the carpet in the trunk and discover an antique Euro5 engine instead of Smarts modern Euro6 machine. What a classic bargain Renault haves to offer, ooh la la.

So if you really want a new car the choice seems obvious. But try to tell people that the Forfour (to my opinion) has more style and truly is the more modern car out of the two? You’d have to run for cover: What is wrong with you! If you want something special, take a look at Citroen’s DS3! Don’t even bother with that Smart! But really, the Citroen DS3? A conventional car with a funny roof, oh dear. If you look past this little gimmick, the car it self isn’t so special or modern at all. I wonder where this anti-Smart sentiment is coming from.

Now its not the first time Mercedes Benz introduced the world to a rear engined compact car with a unconventional modern appearance. With the engine in the back the designers were free at last. Free to draw something totality different and aerodynamic, and so the 130h was born. And I see so much more similarities with the contemporary compact Mercedes. Not only the proportions but also the air-intake on the sides is a nice example. Would the owner of a Mercedes 130h have had the same comments on his car back in the thirties? If so, I’d like to think he didn’t care at all when he saw his contemporaries driving their generic cars through the cobbled streets. This eccentric man would have enjoyed his automobile, its innovative design and the landscape around him.

“The DeLorean Motor Company, now based in Texas, rolled out the proof-of-concept version of the eDeLorean to customers at its biannual DMC headquarters gathering in Houston over the weekend…


The prototype is equipped with a DC power supply that provides a normal range of 70 miles. If driven conservatively, the eDeLorean can hit 100 miles in range…

DMC has been conducting research on the car for nearly four years, and the company is working with Epic EV of Southern California for the electric drivetrain components…”