Survivors, Sisters, Solidarity

So the amazing Lushpuppy is making a zine named Survivors, Sisters, Solidarity. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. And here’s her description in her own words:

"[this] is a therapeutic, fingers up at the world, angry, I’ll-deal-with-this-however-the-fuck-I-want Survivor zine. This is a one off, and is focusing on survivors of rape, abuse, and sexual assault. It isn’t going to include a barrage of statistics and numbers, because I’m sure we’ve heard enough of them. Instead, there will be honest writing, bad-ass manifesto’s, and any stories/articles submitted on self empowerment and recovery."

You can submit stories, articles, poetry, drawings, pictures… Anything you’d like. If you’re uncomfortable with using your real name, it’s no problem : I’m using myself an pen name.

It’s gonna be awesome and it’s both an occasion to let your voice be heard and see your own work printed amongst other survivors’. So be sure to submit!

Call for Submissions!

Hey People. I’m in the process of creating a Feminist Zine, Autonomenstrual, and have a call to submissions going. 

The first issue of Autonomenstrual will be looking at beauty standards, the word cunt, girl love, among other things.

Looking for:
Art - characters and cartoons of women - inclusive of race, size and disability please!

Writing - Personal experiences w/misogyny, feminism, what have you, feminist theories. (Busty, wonky and small breasted ladies- if you wanna write about your boobs, hit me up)
Pit Party: Ladies who have abandoned the razor - I need photos of your sexy underarms and a few words on what it’s like to dump the razor and embrace life.

Submissions can be made here:

Anyone who submits will receive a free copy of the zine, and be credited (of course). 
Zine’s will be released in paper copy, rather than download, so it’s something you can keep. 
This is issue 1 of the zine, so if you can’t think of anything for this one, but would like to be involved for next time, send me a message! 

Thank you :)