Why is Edward growing his hair?

He left his hair until he got to be able to move automail’s arm freely. And it’s a pain to cut his hair, so he leaves his hair after all.

it’s a pain to cut your hair but not a pain to constantly braid it. ok ed.

Why is Hohenheim wearing glasses? He is the philosopher’s stone, so he doesn’t have bad eyesight, does he?

Let’s just say that it’s a disguise not to be mistaken to Father…Sorry, I have never thought the reason

THE HONESTY. AU where father decides to wear glasses to thwart Hoho’s efforts.

Has Al ever thought “It’s a good thing I’m armor?”

When protecting someone. If the blood mark isn’t even broken, he doesn’t feel any pain.

Al says “The inside is wide, so I can place many cats in it.”

Al is considering the important things.

What rude things did Bradley say when he met his wife?

Father didn’t think to make Bradley go through life and marry like a human. After dating, he came to the basement room and said he made her angry and was slapped, then the other Homunculi burst into laughter.Lust tried to explain women to him, and Envy advised him “Praise her body”. Afterwards he praised her body and said unneccesary things, and as a result was slapped again.

Envy secretly followed to see him get slapped.


What was Ross doing in Xing?

She was living with theYao family. Amestris and Xing don’t really have great diplomatic relations, so an Amnestrian living with the Xingese was rare. So the story quickly became known to the Emperor and the Yao family were allowed to meet the Emperor and Ross talked about Amestris. Naturally the other families harbor ill feelings against Yao family, then they plotted an assassination of the Emperor during the meeting and tried to frame the Yao family. But Ross instantaneously found and shot the assassin, then the Emperor upgraded the rank of the Yao family thanks to her.


with additional knowledge Xing and Amestris had a shitty relationship I WONDER WHY.

They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.