Tu autohistoria is not carved in stone but drawn on sand and subject to shifting winds. Forced to rework your story, you invent new notions of yourself and reality – increasingly multidimensional versions where body, mind, and spirit interpenetrate in more complex ways

Gloria Anzaldua (2002) This Bridge We Call Home: Radical Visions for Transformation. p.562 


2. Aja Monet - Autohistoria Teoria

I always love working Aja, she one of my favorites. I shot a bulk of this in NYC in Feb and the rest in Chicago in April. I also did some experimentation with stop motion and motion graphics. I think it cam out dope!


Every week I buy roses for my wela.  She passed away a year ago and since I don’t live close to where she is buried, I buy the roses and put them next to her picture on my altar.  Funny thing is I don’t even know if she likes roses, I’m sure if she was alive and I tried to bring her flowers she’d yell at me for spending money on something like flowers.  But that’s how moms and abuelitas are, right? Their scolding is their way of showing appreciation, since they probably don’t feel appreciated as often as they should they just don’t know any other way to emote.  At least that’s what I grew up seeing in my family; my mom is not very affectionate at all at least not to me and my siblings.  I will say, though, that in the lowest points of my life that she was there for or the breakdowns I let her see - she stepped in consoled me in all the ways I imagined a mother’s touch of affection was supposed to feel like, the touch I often longed for but never knew how to ask for. 

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archivodeautos ha publicado una actualización en el garage Archivo de autos Expo Auto Argentino 2015

El domingo 12 de abril de 2015 se realizó la 6ª Edición de Expo Auto Argentino 2015 en el predio del Campo La Tradición en la localidad de Francisco Álvarez, partido de Moreno, en la provincia de Buenos Aires. La muestra de automóviles argentino se realizó entre las 10 y 17 horas con una concurrida presencia del público.

Los ganadores de Expo Auto Argentino 2015 junto con los organizadores el domingo 12 de abril de 2015.

Unos 240 vehículos, según los organizadores, se dieron cita en la exposición anual que rescata la producción de la industria automotriz argentina. Como ya es costumbre los organizadores son las páginas Autohistoria y Coche Argentino en conjunto con el Rotary Club de Francisco Álvarez.

Archivo de autos estuvo presente como acreditado de prensa, por primera vez en su existencia, como sitio dedicado a los viejos autos que supimos conseguir. Todo un logro. La muestra estuvo llena de seguidores de Archivo de autos. Me la pasé charlando con […]

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