Orion Awesome Autoguider Refractor Telescope Package

Orion Awesome Autoguider Refractor Telescope Package
We can guide you to better quality astro-images, literally, with our Awesome Autoguider package. No matter what telescope you’re using for long-exposure image capture, precise guiding is an absolute requirement to get pinpoint star images. This exclusive package makes autoguiding easy, and its price is easy on your wallet. Package includes Orion ShortTube 80 refractor, StarShoot AutoGuider, 1.25” Extension tube (for focus), Guide scope rings and Guide scope ring mounting bar. If you aspire to be an awesome astro-imager, get the affordabel Awesome Autoguider package today!

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AutoGuide prova la nuova Lexus RC F: la nuova superberlina giapponese non brilla in nessun aspetto rispetto alle rivali, se non per il magnifico sound che la rivale M4 non ha più…

Rimane una velocissima coupè, con ottime prestazioni e un look sensazionale, quindi perchè no?

a new  very affordable, fully robotic, mount from celestron,. and   it tracks excellent, for astroimaging..  complety autoguider ready…   .. i hear  that people are getting 5 min expouseurs… with this mount,….  great reveiws,  happy  buyers,.,…

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AutoGuide has tested the awaited Lexus RC F: the new japanese supersaloon is not exeptional in any way compared to its rivals, just for the wonderful noise, way better than the nearly perfect, but mute, M4.

Anyway, it’s still a superfast coupè with great performance and a stunning looking, so why not?