autobiographyofasankster said:

Hey! I'm the girl with the fro in the picture you reblogged on the steps. I was looking at the notes and saw you reblogged and was like "Whaa??" haha Anyways, I started following your blog a few days ago and I love it! Random, I know. K, bye! :)

well, i think you’re lovely and apparently my followers think so too :) i’m glad you like the blog!

Life is good.

What people fail to realize is that you have control over your happiness. When I realized that, my life changed completely. I choose whether or not I take offense to something. I choose whether or not I wake up and declare that I’m going to have a great day. Yes, you’ll have ups and downs but essentially everything is in our control. Don’t forget it. 

Do you ever get to those moments in life where you question everything you’re doing? You’re stressed, you’re anxious, you’re confused, you’re frustrated and it just takes over your whole being until you force yourself out of it. 

Well, that’s where I am right now. 



Just had a heart-to-heart with my big sister. There is a bond that no other friend could compare to and that’s the bond that joins siblings to each other. I hate it for people who missed out on the opportunity to have that relationship. We haven’t always been this close but God brought us together at the perfect time. We fuss, we fight, we laugh, we cry. I would kill for that brat. I would die for that brat. She’s my big sis. We didn’t choose each other. We were given to each other. That’s why I love her.