I really don’t like the art on this one that much. I guess I should stick to inking purely with a brush, that looks better. Even if I don’t feel too great about my brush strokes either. And the fact that working with pure ink has a higher chance of ruining my brush forever than just using it to shade… but oh well. whatever.


I simply cannot draw when tired or sick. Or, more precisely, I cannot draw as I intend… it simply will not happen. And then I’ll have no recollection of the experience when I go back to it.

If I walk away from sketches like these on the computer, whiningaboutyuri will save and hoard them, like a happy little magpie tending to its absurd portfolio.


A couple pages of “Kit and Cricket”. A mild autobiographical comic from when I was between major work projects and spending a lot of time at home freelancing. My girlfriend at the time (Kit) worked in a pet shop, and she told me (she called me Cricket) the guy coming onto her ended up farting and fleeing in embarrassment.  I didn’t finish the rendering the narrative - but now you know the rest of the story.


I kid you not, that was the majority response when we worked the same McDareNotSpeakItsName location. Eventually one fessed up to say the “sisters” question was just a polite way to check if we were lesbi-dating.

And for the latter… I asked Shelby’s permission for that one, because she ended up dubiously fired only one month into that job. It was pretty rough on her! It seemed there was a lot they didn’t like about her, not just about being gay, but also being young, empathetic to anyone struggling in poverty, and, um, expressing disapproval to the grossly ableist insulting and dismissal of the people (including especially the actually mentally disabled) they’re supposed to be assisting. So. Yeah. Kind of hard to work a punch line into that one.

They were also angered that she disagreed when they were calling someone’s baby ugly?

i mean i did spend most of my childhood vehemently rejecting things i deemed women’s work and trying to be a boy and am still enraged that i can’t be a priest because i don’t piss standing up or have anything to grab onto when i’m jerking it like come on broskis i look amazing in all black flowing outfits let me in your fucking club

but on the other hand i really love women with all my soul and attended all-girls’ school where i genuinely felt at home there and am obviously socialized as a woman (though i badly follow a lot of my socializing)

gender’s sooooo fucking fun you guys

Last week’s storytelling hw. The assignment was to create an autobiographical comic about anything in our lives. Good thing I have a notebook with pages of weird stuff Lerd says.

One day I will make an entirely seperate tumblr account filled wih nothing but weird comics and animations about my little brother.

When I have time to put more effort into things.

in case you’re having trouble reading it here: