Lancre operated on the feudal system, which was to say, everyone feuded all the time and handed on the fight to their descendants. The chips on some shoulders had been passed down for generations. Some had antique value. A bloody good grudge, Lancre reckoned, was like a fine old wine. You looked after it carefully and left it to your children.

You never wrote to anyone. If you had anything to say, you said it to their face. It kept everything nice and hot.

—  from Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

I get a sentence, an idea, an image, and I start. I don’t know anything beyond it. I follow it. David Rabe


The amazing Samantha Shannon (sshannonauthor) speaking in Nashville to fans of THE BONE SEASON and THE MIME ORDER, as part of the Salon@615 author series!

  • Aries:Hans Christian Anderson (Hansel and Gretel)
  • Taurus:Jodi Picoult (My Sister's Keeper)
  • Gemini:Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank)
  • Cancer:Ernest Hemingway (The Old Man and the Sea)
  • Leo:JK Rowling (Harry Potter series)
  • Virgo:John Green (The Fault in Our Stars)
  • Libra:Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)
  • Scorpio:Kate Cary (Into the Wild)
  • Sagittarius:Jane Austen (Emma)
  • Capricorn:Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)
  • Aquarius:Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Pisces:Dr. Suess (The Cat in the Hat)