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Anne Shirley’s #greatpersonality tip: Stand up for yourself. Especially if someone calls you Carrots or misspells your name.

What are YOUR tips for having a great personality? Share them using #greatpersonality and join us @This_Is_Teen at 6 p.m. EST for a chat with author Elizabeth Eulberg!

On June 1st, join authors RaShelle Workman, Rod Kierkegaard, Jane D Everly, Matthew Graybosch and Michael Panush for the launch of their serial novels.

The five authors will be joined by other fantastic CQ authors, for a day of author chat, competitions and prizes.

So come along, invite your friends and join in the fun!

Shade chat a week from tonight!

Last month the Shade fan site, Kilt and Keeley, ran a fabulous Shade series read-along, from page 1 of Shade to the final verse of “Bridge.” Tons of readers submitted their own posts and led great discussions on the books.

To top it all off, K&K is having a chat with the crazy little chick who wrote the novels! (That’s me.)

Join us next Tuesday night, June 4, 9-10pm eastern time. Since it’s a chat at the end of a series read a long, there WILL be spoilers! You can ask me anything.

Prizes will include signed books and SHADE swag packs, which, after Team Kilt Con 2013, are JAM-PACKED with beauteous homemade swag lovingly constructed and packaged by members of Team Kilt. See?

And yes, over there on the right are new Shade bookmarks!! Not to mention sweet little I Heart Logan and I Heart Zachary buttons I bought recently. So even if you’ve won a Shade swag pack during past events, there are lots of new goodies in store for you.

So come join us at Kilt and Keeley next Tuesday, 9-10pm, where you can ask me ALL THE THINGS about the entire Shade series.

PS: Also coming next week…at long last…the cover and title of my next YA book! More details on the way…

ML Brennan had a really cool idea to have an online author chat and I was lucky enough to get invited to the party! She talks about the author chats in round one on her blog. Essentially, for those of you who are just tuning in, there are four authors involved with these little chats and we each came up with two questions for each round. We answer the questions in a group email, then each of us will post a chat to one of our blogs.

Author Chat, Round Two is at Django Wexler’s blog.

Click the link for Round Three!



A Word from Miss Frannie Nannie

 Hey kiddos, Miss Frannie Nannie here, it doesn’t look so good outside today. Do you see the grey clouds? Are raindrops falling on your head? I suppose on days like this…you gotta stay inside where it is dry. What do you do on days like this, especially when it is not a school day? If you are feeling a tad bit bored and tired of the TV and computer, or you are having trouble finding some fun…

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Join us for a live chat tonight at 7 pm EST with Erica Cameron!

Ask her anything about Sing Sweet Nightingale or the writing process and see her answer live. I personally think you all should use the #SingWithRWM tag to ask-nah!-demand she does a book release jig for us.

If enough of you can convince her I will even gif it your viewing pleasure! 

But shh don’t tell Erica about our deal.

Envisioning The Future

I try to live in the moment, but I can admit – sometimes, I get caught up in my plans for the future. Sometimes, the moment kind of sucks – like when you’re running on no sleep and your patience tank is empty and you’ve got two dollars to your name and nothing is going your way. Thinking about the future is therapeutic. You can convince yourself that in six, maybe twelve months, things will be…

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