Nelly Arcan captures the Montreal Complex in Breakneck (aka À ciel ouvert) which was just translated into English by Anvil Press

If you live in Montreal but have never read anything by her, you should. Try her in French, too, even if it’s not your first language. You might surprise yourself. 

Okay. Back to complaining.

It is easy to hurl yourself into danger if you want to die. But that is not bravery. Real bravery is wanting to live and knowing that you are sacrificing your life in spite of it, to meet the dangers head-on. That is true bravery.
—  Of Monsters and Roses, K.A Beestone
i want the world to pause

ever since i was little,
i wanted to be a tree

so i could water the flowers with my tears all made up of self pity

so i could use my leaves like my hands to try and inconspicuously hide every part of myself that i don’t like

so the flowers i water would drown from my self pity and grow taller and taller until they would be tall enough to talk and comfort me

so i could grow vines and grab all the people who have left me and hold them and their memories forever
and carry them like baggage full of stress and grief but i could let go whenever i wanted

so i’d never have to feed myself
because i always forget

so i can plant my roots somewhere one day and never have to get up and leave

so i can absorb the entire world as slowly and as quietly and as calmly as i want

so my branches will naturally intertwine with any neighbor of mine and i wouldn’t be a bother to them

ever since i was little,
i wanted to be a tree.


This right here is an attempt to explain fangirls.  And almost works.

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Super exciting thing happened today…. I got to meet my publishing team at Hachette Australia! This is about 50% of the Avengers assembled, but everyone was so delightful and they gave me free books and (perhaps most importantly) we plotted exciting things for Who’s Afraid?

I also wore every piece of werewolf jewellery I own just so, you know, no one’s confused what I write about 😉

Submitted AU #232

I am an author and you are at my booksigning but why are you handing me these scrap papers to sign? Wait - is that the first story I ever wrote and trashed because some people at highschool made fun of me by reading it out loud? And now you’re here, not to tease me, but because you liked my writing even back then?

- Anonymous