Der Liebesbrief (1875). Hans Makart (Austrian, 1840-1884). Oil on panel. 

Makart was one of the most popular artists of belle époque Vienna, whose large and richly decorated studio became a focal point of Viennese society in the 1870s and 1880s. He struggled to keep up with demand for his portraits and figure paintings. Like this work, these paintings were notable for their free brushwork and strong sense of colour, which translated into glamour and confidence.

Sig Buchmayr doing a shirtless gelandesprung in the Left Gully at Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, early 1930s.

On the slopes of Sugar Hill Austrian-born Buchmayr was on hand at the first established organized ski school in the United States in 1929.


Grand piano, ca. 1790
Attributed to Johann Schmidt (Austrian, active late 1700s)

- Materials: Cherry veneer, black-stained wood, bone
- Key Range: 66 - 61 manual, 13 doubled on pedals, 5 bass pedals.
-Other Notes: This is a rare piano featuring a 18-note pedal board - They duplicate the lowest 13 manual keys and extend the 5-octave range by 5 bass notes. It also includes knee-levers to operate dampers and a ‘soft’ stop, and a hand-lever for a ‘bassoon’ stop (a piece of parchment is laid on the lower 26 notes for the buzzing effect). The entire piano is double strung - two strings per note. Mozart owned a similar piano.

Source: NY-MetMA