Lightning is awesome and today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena presents a form of lightning we’d never heard of before: blue jet lightning. This is a form of upper-atmospheric lightning, believed to be electrically induced forms of luminous plasma. It’s also known as a transient luminous event (or TLE) because the various types of electrical-discharge phenomena in the upper atmosphere lack several characteristics of the more familiar tropospheric lightning.

This stunning photo of blue jet lightning was captured by pilot and photographer Thijs Bors while flying over the Northern Territory of Australia during a thunderstorm. Blue jet lightning typically occurs in a narrow cone, projecting from the top of cumulonimbus clouds above a thunderstorm to the lowest levels of the ionosphere 40 to 50 km (25 to 30 miles) above the earth.

[via The Telegraph and Wikipedia]


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds learned about a very special place where broken dolls and teddy bears are made whole again. Called the Doll Hospital, it’s located on a busy suburban street in the south part of Sydney, Australia. Here skilled “doll surgeons” have been administering vital medical attention to beloved children’s toys since 1913. These tenderhearted sawbones can mend just about any toy, be it plastic, porcelain or plush, contemporary or antique, big or small. As far as these specialists are concerned, no toy is beyond help.

"We’re one of the last ones that does everything, when it comes to dolls, there’s very few that are capable of that sort of work," said Geoff Chapman, 67 and "surgeon-in-chief" at the family-run business his father started more than a century ago.

"We’ve had customers who’ve burst into tears" when they saw the treasured doll or teddy as good as new, he said.

Australian photographer Jason Reed visited the Doll Hospital to document the good work and medical miracles that’ve take place there every day for over 100 years. In the hands of the hospital’s skilled staff, toys that are admitted looking like sadly forgotten junk leave shiny and new, restored to their original glory. To date the hospital has restored over three million dolls, teddy bears, rocking horses and wheeled toys belonging to children in Australia and New Zealand.

Click for a short video and here to learn more about the Sydney Doll Hospital.

[via Neatorama, Juxtapoz and Reuters]

2010 Torbreck The Steading

I love Torbreck wines and their cool Aussie vibe. This one’s a GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre) that’s all sorts of delicious. Smoky red fruit, purple flowers, and clove on the nose. Ripe and full red/purple fruit and fruit leather on the palate along with baking spices. Alcohol and acidity really carry this wine. 

4/5 bones


Grenache, Shiraz (Syrah), Mataro (Mourvèdre)

15% abv

Barossa Valley, AUSTRALIA