Hinea brasiliana: a marine snail that produces light when touched

Hinea brasiliana (Gastropoda - Planaxidae), an intertidal sea snail found in Australia and New Zealand, is one of the few marine gastropods that exhibit bioluminescence

This tiny gastropod, whose shell only measures up to 21.5 mm in length, produces a luminous display in response to mechanical stimulation caused by encounters with other motile organisms. The light is produced from two patches on the snail’s body beneath the snail’s shell, and must thus overcome this structural barrier to be viewed by an external receiver. The diffusion and transmission efficiency of the shell is greater than a commercial diffuser reference material. Most strikingly, the shell, although opaque and pigmented, selectively diffuses the blue-green wavelength of the species bioluminescence. This diffusion generates a luminous display that is enlarged relative to the original light source. This unusual shell thus allows spatially amplified outward transmission of light communication signals from the snail, while allowing the animal to remain safely inside its hard protective shell.

The study on this species has provided evidence that the bioluminescence in H. brasiliana is likely to act as a deterrent visual signal against predation, which would be optimized by spatial amplification of a light signal via extensive diffusion through the shell.

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Photo credit: ©D. D. Deheyn/Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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