Fanlalatv: Ross Lynch Plays R5’s ‘Smile’ For Austin & Ally Cast Mates
Laura Marano Teases the Season 3 Finale of “Austin & Ally”

We both share this great passion for music." - Laura about her and Ross

Laura always completes my jokes. We read each other’s minds at times." - Ross

Laura is a little bit weird, but I like it, it’s fun." - Ross

To me Laura is like part of the family." - Ross

The kissing scenes in Austin & Ally are really fun… especially if we have to repeat it many times." - Ross

The chemistry between us is CRAZY. On and off the set." - Ross about Laura

Some of the Austin & Ally romantic scenes Ross and I don’t rehearse." - Laura

When Ross gets tired it’s very funny, no one has ever made me laugh so hard." - Laura

Ross is the most romantic guy I’ve ever met in my entire life." - Laura

Now EVERYONE on set yells ‘Raura’ when they see us together." - Laura

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano for an Italian magazine

The two times they wouldn’t let us and then we sort of broke the rules, because we felt … but the third time we finally actually did but they told us not to, but we were just like … It was more awkward to be so close together but not kiss than to actually kiss. Laura is always really professional on set so I didn’t know why Disney Channel made a big deal about not letting us kiss
—  Ross Lynch about the kiss with Laura