Day One [already late]

So I’m already a day late. So I officially start today XD

Decided to use this challenge to pump out some AussieStuck stuff. This is a first edit of the first chapter. Expect to see some random chapters or side stories from this AU as well.

AussieStuck is a HumanStuck AU by SlinkyCat and Deerishus



So far the summer has been brutal. It’s exactly like everyone imagine Australia to be; sweltering heat that leaves you burning scarlet just for standing near a window for more than a few minutes.

It was raining yesterday though. Very good Melbourne, keep up that consistent weather.

It’s a good thing their apartment is so sparse or it’d be worse. Clutter makes the heat worse in Eridan’s mind. He’s been listening to the radio all day every day for the last week, wracking up his phone bill with calls to the station. They’re giving away free tickets to Pyramid Rock and Eridan needs to go like burning.

He’d been saving to go since July, but his car had broken down in November and he was barely pulling enough together for rent and food and other expenses, let alone 300 dollar tickets to a music festival.


He knows that deadpan voice too well and he can’t help the little swell of his heart and the smile that pulls on his lips as he stands in front of the living room fan with his phone to his ear.

Dave saunters in all blonde hair and straining muscles, arms loaded down with groceries and uni gear.

Eridan waves a dismissive hand, hoping the other will take the hint and be quiet.

"You’re not gonna get through, Ampora. There’s thousands of people all over Australia trying to get those tickets."

The engaged tone sounds in his ear and Eridan groans in frustration, sinking into the couch and running a hand through his meticulously styled brown hair. He’s already had classes today, he doesn’t need to look pretty for Dave. Dave who’s seen him at his worst and stays; Dave who doesn’t criticise his photography or paintings; Dave who he may or may not have a thing for.

The blonde sniggers from somewhere in the kitchenette in their tiny apartment. “Told you.”

"Shut it, Dave." He turns the radio up once some dickhead who has no idea about real music wins his tickets. He needs to hear the songs that play so he can win the next round.

"I can hear you pouting from here. Get off your arse and come put shit away."

Eridan shoves himself from the hideous threadbare couch Dave’s brother had graced them with. It’s sick green with rotten yellow swirls and flowers. Eridan hates it, but Dave refuses to part with it. Calls it a victory. He moved out and got a free couch from his bro. Eridan just throws quilts and crocheted blankets over it in the hopes it looks less puke worthy.

In the kitchen Dave is on the counter pushing things around in the high cupboard in the hopes of fitting another cereal box in there.

"Why don’t you finish some of the cereal you already have?" Eridan grumbles, crouching down to pull out a few packets of meat for the freezer.

"Variety, Ampora. Fucking hell, can’t eat the same shit every day."

The brunette just groans and thumps his head against the freezer door. “It’s a waste.”

Dave snorts and tosses a can of red beans to Eridan and leaps off the counter with ease. "Whatever. Hungry now or later?" He’s already getting pans out so Eridan just shrugs and goes back to sitting by the radio. He will win these tickets.


They’re halfway through dinner when another chance to win comes up and Eridan pounces on his phone. Dave just manages to stop their plates hitting the floor while the brunette hammers the recall button with all his might and jamming the phone against his ear.

"Fucking hell, Ampora-"

Eridan jams his hand against Dave’s mouth and holds his breath.

It rings.

He squeaks and goes wide eyed.

"Tripple J, please hold."

His heart is hammering in his chest.

"Hey there, could we get a name?"


"Okay." More hold music.

"Hey Eridan, mate, you ready to try for those VIP Pyramid Rock tickets?"

"Oh god yes, I’ve been trying since you started this comp!"

There’s laughter on the other end of the phone. "Alright, Eridan. Last 5 songs we played by Australian bands. Go!"

"Boys Like You, 360 and Gossling; Buttons, Sia; Heard It All, Illy; March On, N’fa Jones; and Heart’s A Mess by Gotye," he blurts in one breath. His teeth sink into his lip when he’s done and even Dave is looking attentive, head cocked slightly to one side and leaning towards him slightly.

"Congratulations Eridan you and a mate are going to Pyramid Rock! Two VIP tickets for all three days!"

Eridan shouts and throws his hands in the air, nearly losing the phone in the process. “I won! Oh fuckin’ shit yeah! I won!”

Dave finds himself with an armful of room mate who’s blathering like an idiot, but he can’t help the little smile. Eridan’s been dying for these tickets and he’s already said he’s taking Dave if he won. The blonde might have gone anyway, but everything is better with free.

While the brunette hangs on the line, Dave’s phone goes off twice. The first text is from his pseudo-sister.

Heard your boyfriend on the radio. Shall Kanaya and I be seeing you at the festival?

The second is from a mate of his who lives in Perth.


"Oh fuck, Dave I won, I can’t believe I did it." Eridan clambers into his lap and hugs him around the neck, face pressing into his shoulder. He’s shaking.

"Dude, calm down before you do yourself damage."

"You’re coming with me right?"

Dave smirks. “Who else is gonna drive your sorry ass four hours to Phillip Island so you can go jizz over your indie bands?”

"I thought you liked them too?" he says with a pout.

The blonde snorts and gives Eridan’s rump a squeeze before pushing him off. “Yeah, yeah, no puppy eyes. I was intending to beat the other ticket out of you if you were gonna take someone else anyway.”

Eridan smiles and melts into the couch. “This is gonna be great.” His phone buzzes. “Fef’s going to be there! Dave, this is officially amazing.”

Dave replies to both texts with a confirmation. “You now it’s supposed to reach the high 30’s on New Years.”


Slinky wants you guys to make her write!

Okay I have a seriously bad procrastination and distraction problem. I want to write, but I seem to either have no idea or I distract myself with other things.



And I wanna write stuff for you guys.

The catch is I’ll be writing within the AussieStuck AU Deer and I created last year at New Years C:

So prompt me in anyway you fucking want!


You can say person A and person B doing blahdiblah or you can just give one person doing something or you can copy past shit from that imagine your OTP doing blah blah tumblr and I will write you something.

It’ll all go under the aussiestuck tag and here’s the part that’ll force me to write.

I’ll answer your ask when I start and then I have two days. If I don’t finish it in two days [and you can fucking time me] you can come into my ask and request me to do something. It can be a stupid dare [nothing dangerous or illegal] and I’ll film it happening too or make me post something embarrassing [no nudity guys] or you can demand I draw you something [anything you want] and you can come into my ask box ever day after the two days is up and badger the fuck outta me.

I need to get my ass into gear and write something.



[The original 16 characters are featured in AussieStuck. The new 16 [new trolls and the four alpha kids] are maybe mentioned vaguely, but that’s it. Sorry guys, back to basics <3]

Chapter Three!

I hope Tav’s chapters don’t give me this much hassle in future. At least I won’t have to deal with the rest of the band much |D


Sometimes it’s too much to put on his legs each morning. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and decides ‘this blows, where’s my chair?’.

Today is one of those days.

He wakes up tired and over everything, but his friends, his bandmates, drag him to his cousin’s place where he sits on the porch and watches them play backyard cricket.

It’s a hot and dry in the early afternoon sun and each time the wind blows, the dead grass rustles and he can feel the red dirt gluing itself to his sweat. The sun has just peaked and the sky is a searing shade of blue over his head, the ice stolen from the Esky melts fast on his skin and he can see their vocalist starting to burn across her shoulders as they start another game, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. With nothing much to do in the town, chilling in their backyard is their biggest entertainment without driving 3 hours to Broome and that’s how Tavros likes it.

Hung off one handle of his wheelchair is a old fashioned radio, blasting his favourite radio station. The DS in his hands quietly sings pokemon 8-bit tunes a him and Tavros slumps back with a sigh and a smile, letting his eyes slip close.

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galactic-spoopyboy said:

Obligatory moar plz request~ Super enjoying all the characterisation so far, I'd love to see some character profiles at some point

I doubt we’ll be doing many, if any, profiles until after the main story is done. I have a few one shots that go before and after the main story, so they will help flesh out back story somewhat, but honestly, we have our own little refs of appearance and background and such and the published pieces will have artwork within them for refs C:


phionix-ml-deactivated20121220 said:

How about everyone at the beach? But mostly fef and sol..?

Okay I’m starting this one today :3 Two days is the time limit <3 You’re welcome to come and talk to me about it and don’t forget if it’s not up [and tagged with AussieStuck and your username] by 2pm [that’s the time here in England so take 5 hours] on the 29th you’re allowed to fill my askbox with dares and demands and complaints XD

korsallitro replied to your postAre there going to be kangaroos, dingos and koalas in AussieStuck?

Please tell me she warns tourists about dropbears, i think that’d be hilarious.

Hahaha, probably. She mostly handles meet the animals kind of things, lets the kiddos pet the snakes and stuff. Australia Zoo used to be primarily full of Australian animals, but now it’s more of a conservation park so they have tigers and other exotic animals C: