We had to bring our Aussie back from our prison foster program. He was biting people so bad we were concerned about losing the program! Since he’s been back he has not bitten a single person. He got scared and nipped my sleeve the first day he got back, and something startled him just now on our walk and he yelped and then wheeled around barking and snapping at air.

Please help raise awareness any way you can. Breeding a Merle dog with another Merle dog is not cute. It’s not going to make tons of Merle babies. It’s going to make double Merle babies. They’re going to be blind. They’re going to be deaf. They’re going to be scared. A bite waiting to happen. Homing them is going to be easy as a pup, but the life of that double Merle pup is going to be hard, and they may be rehomed several times before finding a good fit.


These are my two Aussies, Buffy and Dixie.

Buffy technically is my parents’ dog but I say it still counts because I love her.  She’s the black bicolor with brown eyes, and they adopted her after we lost our beloved black tri Aussie, Buster.  She is 2, loves ham, throwing shade, and chasing the four-wheeler.  She’s a prissy princess who totally loves to get dirty.  She has a big family that she loves to watch over and protect, especially my nephew.

Dixie is all mine.  I adopted her from the humane society.  According to her paperwork, she was taken in as a stray - a STRAY! who lets their beautiful, adorable, sweet, precious Aussie go as a stray?! - but it’s okay, because she has a home with me now.  She’s about a year and a half, and I assume a purebred since she’s docked, but I can’t be sure.  She does not like children, is a total drama queen, is practically a cat, and will not accept carrots as a chewing device.  She is no longer on the streets and gets to sleep in my bed with me.

Oh, and they love each other!  When I take Dixie to my parents’ house, they take turns herding each other.