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Art by Vorry

Squishy fluffy ears…

I hope no one is expecting my open-until-announced-otherwise asks to have anything attached to them, I’m somewhat new to tumblr but it looks like an ask page is mainly on which for artists to doodle answers. I won’t be doing any doodling, long story short!

Since Aurelina will be back from Japan next month, SHOW will be wising from its gwave to wescue your daughter! More relevant to this picture, we’re planning another panel for this coming Further Confusion, so stay tuned! The con’s theme is, apparently, gaslamp fantasy. Not to be confused with gaslighting.

SHOW 135: Fat Tropes Return

Fat Tropes, talkin’ about Fat Tropes, sexy legs and high IQs! Today Aurelina and Agouti-rex continue to talk about the stereotypes and archetypes and teletypes of fatty wank. After tonight’s episode, you’ll be well versed in all the cliches of the genre and you’ll be able to demand better. We’re like the Mr. Plinkett of niche Internet fetish pornography!

Today’s art is courtesy of Stitchedtogether!



We all love our pets. What’s more comforting than the unconditional love of your animal companion, whose devotion can help brighten even the saddest day. But some people want to make their dog really fat so that they can fuck it or possibly just jerk off to it. No, see, it’s a real thing. This week, Aurelna and Agouti-Rex explore the horrible underbelly of circa 1999 obese dog fucking websites that still live on in the fevered dreams of fatty dog fuckers who want to fuck fat dogs. If the thought of your canine companion wheezing as its lungs collapse under its own diseased corpulence makes your dick diamond hard, then have we got an episode for you!

Today’s art courtesy of  Technicolorpie

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This week, in a very special…or rather, for us, perfectly ordinary…episode of SHOW, we go back, back, BACK to the puppet times of the long long ago, when Grandpa Agouti settles in to remember the very earliest year that he can remember the concept of years existing, 1987. Also assisting grandpa is Great Uncle Ethan AKA THE HUNGRY READER AKA the one YouTube reviewer worth watching. The Hungry Reader typically looks at books that you might remember from the vaseline-smeared soft focus lens of your own childhood, tomes like The Phantom Tollbooth or The Wizard of Oz or even BOOK 2, but this week he’s come to tell us about the cultural debris of that special year, including Super Mario Brothers on Ice and Two-T Fruits!

This week’s art is courtesy of, naturally, The Hungry Reader!

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SHOW 145: Lego my Preggo!

We love fatties, but did you know that other fetishes exist? Some people like pregnancy! Well, different strokes for different folks, we always say! Oh wait, no we don’t — we love being judgemental! This episode, we slag not on pregnancy fetishism but an especially gross-o weirdo preggo fetishist who has a very long, stupid, gross monologue trying to justify why it’s okay for him to molest random strange woman in public. He’s also an annoying gargle-voiced dork.

Today’s SHOW art is courtesy of Glamator

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Tonight, we continue our gradual descent into old person senility as Agouti-Rex and The Hungry Reader discuss more aspects of 1987, this time the unfortunate trend that dominated cartoons of the day. TRIGGER WARNING for mention of the Little Clowns of Happytown and also Aurelina being disrespectful to her elders!

Art courtesy of THE HUNGRY READER!

Sorry for the audio! We had some equipment issues, but I think you can still sorta hear us all.


SHOW 147: 5 Crazy Nights at Freddies

Like a giant fat sack of hot garbage, Aurelina forgot to post SHOW on Friday while Agouti-Rex was away in San Francisco, sucking dicks down at the pier for Alternative Press Expo (It was fun! You should have been there!), so now Agouti has to post this episode THREE days late. How unprofessional! In this episode, Agouti and Aurelina get drunk and complain about the indie video game smash hit 5 Nights at Freddy’s, before meandering off onto other random topics.

Art courtesy of Cleverfoxman!

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Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you down to the video rental so that you could pick out a VHS tape for your whole family to watch, like “Ghost Dad” or “And You Thought Your Parents were Weird!” or “Adventures in Dinosaur City”? And remember how you always had to close your eyes when you walked through the horror section so that you didn’t accidently catch sight of all those grinning skulls and bloody eyeballs or, horror of horrors, that awful toy monkey on the cover of “Monkeyshines: An Experiment in Fear”? Today we’re transporting you back to those halcyon days. I just found a battered copy of “Blood Show Massacre” at the local ARC and I had to get it — this is the cover that scared the crap out of me more than any other cover when I was a kid! Still gives me the willies today. The tape inside was unlabeled and turned out to be someone’s home movies. Mostly just some guy walking through his house aiming his camera into corners; it was hard to figure out what was happiening since there wasn’t any sound.

This is actually a little promo for SHOW, the podcast that I co-host with Aurelina at http://www.podcastigation.com . Learn more about video nasties and other devilish delights with her and me on SHOW, the show that never holds back when it’s rooting through the dollar bin.

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You could say they’re from the puppet times, but no, these are a bit too recent for that. Tonight on SHOW we have special guest and art-provider Jirris talking about his experiences with a crazy old timey furry, and other such nonsense. Part one of an extreme two part episode!

In case the audio doesn’t work (which seems likely with Tumblr), you can hear the episode at http://www.podcastigation.com/?p=610

SHOW 136: Midwest Media Explosion 2014

Agouti-Rex was, as some of you should know, a special guest of Midwest Media Expo this past weekend in Detroit. He has returned… a little older, a little wiser, a little fatter. Today he shares the Dinosaucers-soaked experience that was M2E. Aurelina listens with barely disguised envy as she hears the Caligula-esque tale of Agouti’s wanton midwestern excesses.

Today’s artwork is courtesy of FayseTheCat

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