Fan Art of Team JNPR’s own Pyrrha Nikos

source: RWBY wikia

For it is in passing that we achieve immortality, through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee.”

Pyrrha Nikos is a student at Beacon Academy and a member ofTeam JNPR. Her weapon of choice, called Miló, is a red-and-bronze spear-like weapon that can transform into a rifle or a short sword. She uses this alongside a shield called Akoúo̱, which resembles the classic hoplon.

Let’s GO!!






Instead of tokens of devotion, we see floating above the “worshippers” the astral images of hats and bonnets, of jewellery and gorgeous dresses, of horses and of carriages, of whisky-bottles and of Sunday dinners, and sometimes of whole rows of intricate calculations, showing that men and women alike have had during their supposed hours of prayer and praise no thoughts but of business or of pleasure, of the desires or the anxieties of the lower form of mundane existence.

[fr. Thought-Forms, by Annie Besant]


Kirlian Photography: Revealing Nature’s Electrical Aura 

Kirlian photography is the term used to describe the techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, a Russian electrical engineer, and his wife Valentina, who in 1939 discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. They developed Kirlian photography after observing a patient in Krasnodar hospital who was receiving medical treatment from a high-frequency electrical generator. When the electrodes were brought near the patient’s skin, they noticed a glow similar to that of a Neon Discharge Tube. Afterwards, the Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to the a hand, a leaf or other plant material. The conductors were energized by a high frequency high voltage power source, producing photographic images typically showing a silhouette of the object surrounded by an aura of light. Though the Kirlians reported the results of their experiments in 1958, their work remained virtually unknown until 1970, when two Americans, Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander published a book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. While Kirlian photography has been the subject of mainstream scientific research, it has largely been co-opted by promoters of pseudoscience, parapsychology, and paranormal health claims. In many ways, the technique has effected greater mass influence because of these associations, and speaks to the ways “energy-culture” enters popular thought. 

You are an Elemental Being.

Earth- Your Body

Water- Your Energy

Air- Your Thoughts

Fire- Your Soul

Imagine your Aura as a bubble. That bubble has holes. How do you Heal the holes? 

When you Rotate your energy it naturally fills in the holes. . 

Rotating is the key to Balance.


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours. Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.

If you have sex with positive, loving, uplifting people – that wonderful energy is absorbed and uplifts you. If you have sex with negative, pessimistic, unstable, depressive people – that energy will have you crashing down and uninterested in day-to-day life. (Among other ways. We are all unique after all) Keep in mind that if this person sleeps with a variety of people, they absorb their energy. A married man or woman has absorbed their spouses energy and will mix it with your energy if you are the other man or woman. It’s vice versa.

How to see Aura
  • get a white paper, or if you have a white wall, it serves well too

1. Put your hand in front of the white paper or white wall 
2. Pick one finger to look
3. Stare and the border of the finger
4. First you will start by seeing a trasparent contour around the finger
5. After a while you start seeing some color

PS.: Who is not used to it might take some time but keep starring…
I advise you to try it at least for one minute
if your eyes get tired then after a few minutes if you didnt have results do it another day
repeat it every day untill you get
i can tell if you follow these steps seriously you will get there.


  • Red: related to material. Usually people that attract money easy, that can handle wealth well, enthusiastic
  • Blue: Spiritual,  balanced, relaxed, communicators, singers, intelligent, intuitive, healers
  • Indigo: psychic, intuitive, empathy, sensivity
  • Rainbow: healer, medium
  • Purple: spiritual, creative, artistical, philosophical, love to learn, connected with nature, psychic
  • Yellow: analytical, intelligent, scientists, good with perception, decisive
  • Pink: loving, giving, family oriented, strong psychic abilities, writers, anti-conflicts
  • green aura: hard working, creative, stable, practical, successful in business, generosity
  • Orange: kind, honest, sensible, quick to lose their temper, confident
  • white/silver: sensitivity, intuitive, psychic, spiritual, lucky
  • Gold: love attention, beauty, attract affection from others, great listeners, 
  • Brown: lack of confidence, selfishness, deception
  • Black aura: depression, hatred, negativity

The white, indigo, blue and violet are said to be the higher frequencies…
One might have more then one aura color…
Aura can change the color or the shade… It’s a spiritual field that reflects the spiritual level of a person… If a person changes too much the color of the aura might change too. But also it’s common to someone to never change it’s aura color.