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Can - “Tago Mago”

Buy this record for the drums.  Holy shit the drums on this are incredible.  They’re just hypnotic and intricate enough to make you totally OK with listening to song that’s almost 20 minutes long like “Halleluwah”.  This record is nearly perfect to me.  The only thing I can get tired of is listening to “Aumgn”, but even that song makes sense as part of the record, I’m just not always in the mood to put on an ambient sound scape.  But there’s definitely no denying how god damned awesome it sounds coming off that vinyl in stereo sound (it also would really help to eat some drugs too).

This is a truly brilliant band at a creative peak and the record gets better for me every time I listen to it.  I kind of took a chance picking up the vinyl a few years ago.  I was probably in college* and didn’t really know Can other than I’d read about them a bunch here and there and they were for some reason or another lumped in with prog bands.  I don’t know why as they rarely if ever sing about hobbits or living with aliens in harmony.  The melodies are restrained the grooves are simple, I honestly don’t really know what the lyrics are about.  They are very progressive in the literal sense of the word, but when I hear the term prog, I think Rick Wakeman doing the jerking off motion in a wizard robe.

What were the odds there was a picture of that?  100%?  Oh, OK.

But I think I bought this record because I was kind of expecting that, and I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be actually progressive music.  It sounds dumb, but bands are still catching up to sound like this record sounds.

I’ll be honest, this took a bit to grow on me, but the best records do.

*The odds of that being true are slim as I would have had to purchase it during the two hours I spent in an Algebra class.



Are you here yet?
On misty heights where begins the trip
Not a sound can escape your lips
I’m calling, I’m calling, dark incantations rolling
Slumbrous bells are ringing in the distance
Can your ear catch a slightest sound of peace?
Lose touch with reality
You don’t need it anymore
Here in a claustrophobic realm
Here in the quintessential madness
You seem to be alone in rigour
Nothing here but sonic pictures of your ravings
Falling like the fragments of bad dreams
Cutting like broken mirror’s shards
A voice on the radio
Not sure if it was radio
Someone’s hands are clapping out of sight
Maybe to you dancing in the light
I bet there was a flash of light
Twisted and demented
Like the victim’s tortured psyche
Waiting for the final strike
Point blank, the air is gloomily dank
Feels like being alive is a curse
Or so it seems
Chanting into nowhere
Was it me or you?
Throughout it all no change of the stance
A moveless tribal dance
Crazed drums, looping drone, loose or tense?
Who cares, if anything?
Float higher in the distorted din
Upon the water made of eerie sounds
Ominously haunting
Presentiment, the tension is mounting
The waters are breaking loose
The waters are breaking
These feeble hands can’t loosen the rope
Something bad is happening
Where’s the door?
Not here
It must be the end
It’s got to be the end

[Charismel - 13.11.2014]

Sacred Flowers

White as snow, black as coal; perfume before it’s dried.
Powerful potion, draught divine;
Satiety in colorless wine.

Prick the itch ‘til plumes grow thick,
And dark to flip the mental switch.
Life’s blood - sweat of the bud.
Cold and visceral,
Dirty Love.

Though never alone, I must confess; beset by your accomplice.
She - that she: Ruinous disease.
Breaker of Will, who sunders by speech.
Deepest desires in a web of deceit. 

Carry on, carrion.
Naught ought stop.



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