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{ Fuuuuuuuuck, hace mucho que no me asustaba tanto en una mañana. Tuve una pesadilla donde me casaba con un amigo…probablemente fue porque va a venir a México dentro de poco o algo así pero ugh, the creeps, fue aterrador, mas porque estar quedando con dos sujetos al mismo tiempo no ayuda -tic-

Me desperté del feo sueño cuando los perros comenzaron a aullar por largos minutos y luego salió una araña enorme verde entre las sabanas…Mañana hardcore -posición fetal-}

Watch on finofilipino.org
Aprendiendo a aullar.

I’ve been tagged by blesser-seul

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blesser-seul questions:

1. Favourite memory of your first year of high-school  not in high school yet

2. If you had a child what would you name it ? idk something like Kenny if its a boy and Vinna if its a girl

3. One regret you have ? Being lame

4. Whose the most important person to you ? My boyfriend

5. who is the lovliest follower you have? slutpsycho vaktsin s-exsea useliss and everyone else <3

6. What are your favourite clothes brands?  Topshop, insight, Roxy, Toy Machine.

7. Funniest moment you remember ? everytime when I’m with my boyfriend

8. Favourite movies? Alice in Wonderland, Lovely Bones.

9. Best books youve read, Why ? I don’t read books honestly.

10. What is your music style ?  Trance, Indie, Reggae.

kesal ‘s Questions:

1. Are you happy?

2. If you got a 1million dollars what would you spend it on?

3. if you get a chance to marry your boyfriend at your age now, would you?

4. your bestest friend you’ve ever had?

5. Would you ever do drugs?

6. What’s the best moment in your life?

7. Who do you want to be with right now?

8. What clothes are you wearing right now?

9. Favorite family member?

10. How old are you this year?

aullare-deactivated20130527 said:

oh my gosh you are absolutely gorgeous, I wish I had a figure like yours :(

no that has to be joke

im really chubby and short in real life

my pictures just somehow make me look nice lol

but thanks so much kind words are so nice to hear! 

you are so pretty too btw wow